Steven’s Carlists of the First Carlist War

These are the Carlist troops I have at the moment. Nominally for the Battle of Oriamendi using Boina.

My Carlists are predominantly converted from 15 mm Essex Miniatures. Mostly I used American Civil War figures with a beret and belly box added. The Essex Mixed Confederates are perfect = very scruffy. I threw in some converted Napoleonic figures for variety, for example, the British Rifles officer in Hussar jacket makes a fine Carlist officer once given a beret. I tried to maximise the number of figures in frock coats – typical Carlist attire. The main problem is the lack of turn backs on the great coats. But overall I think the effect is quite good.

I’m very grateful to Roland for painting my figures (a fantastic job), Wayne for doing the conversions, and John Mclennan for taking the photos.

Carlist Order of Battle for Boina

I’ve indicated which battalion are considered Elite, hence have Priests instead of drummers.

General staff elements

1 x C-in-C
2 x Aides
5 x Brigade / Divisional commander

Line Infantry (18 Battalions)

1st Guipúzcoa
2nd Guipúzcoa
3rd Guipúzcoa
4th Guipúzcoa
5th Guipúzcoa (Elite)
6th Guipúzcoa (Elite)
7th Guipúzcoa
8th Guipúzcoa

1st Alava
2nd Alava
3rd Alava
4th Alava

3rd Vizcaya
5th Vizcaya

1st Navarra

1st Aragon
2nd Aragon

1st Castilla

Other infantry (2 battalions)

Guías de Navarra (Elite Light)
Granaderos del Ejército (Guards)

Skirmishers (5 Stands)

Guías de Navarra (Elite Light) as Skirmishers
Guipúzcoa Skirmishers
Alava Skirmishers
Vizcaya Skirmishers
Navarra Skirmishers

Cavalry (2 Regiments)

1st Navarra
1st Guipúzcoa

Artillery (5 batteries)

1 x heavy foot battery (12 pdrs)
2 x foot batteries (9 pdrs) with Limbers
2 x batteries of mountain guns (4 pdrs) with Mule trains

Carlist Brigade or Division

Carlist 1st Regiment of Navarra

Carlist Guias de Navarra

Carlist 1st Regiment of Guipuzcoa

Carlist 2nd Regiment of Guipuzcoa

Carlist 5th Regiment of Guipuzcoa (“White caps”)

Carlist Guipuzcoan Skirmishers

Carlist Granaderos del Ejercito

The band

Carlist Guipuzcoan cavalry

Guipuzcoan cavalry

Guipuzcoan cavalry

Carlist Navarrese Cavalry

Navarrese Cavalry

Navarrese Cavalry


Roland did the conversions and painted them. These guys swords and sword arms come from ACW Officer Figures.

P1010879_carlist_hussars.jpg (139663 bytes)

Carlist Hussars.

P1010880_carlist_hussars_back.jpg (132511 bytes)


Carlist Command






P1010624_carlist_brigadiers.jpg (139017 bytes)


Carlist Artillery

Mountain Gun

Foot Gun



Limber Crew

Oriamendi Campaign

When I get the chance I’ll expand my armies to include all representative forces for the Oriamendi Campaign.

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