Visibility in Crossfire with Different Terrain and Troop Profiles

In my musings on Desert Warfare using Crossfire I starting thinking about the possibility that different terrain and/or troops might be different heights. As it happens Blitzkrieg Commander implements this concept. Here is how it could work in Crossfire.

Troop Profiles

Low profile troops: Infantry on foot, light vehicles, unlimbered guns, entrenched troops of any type.

High profile troops: All other troops.

Terrain Profiles

Low profile terrain: Fields (in or out of season) and Rough Ground.

High profile terrain: Orchards, Woods, Structures, etc

?? TODO ?? Need to think about walls, hedges and bocage. And crests.

Visibility using Profiles

High profile terrain blocks LOS (as per the normal rules).

Low profile terrain blocks LOS between low profile troops. Low profile terrain does not block LOS between high and low profile troops or between high profile and high profile troops.

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