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Wargaming Clubs I’ve been involved in, no matter how briefly. I’m currently recruiting for the Finchley Wargaming Club.

East Grinstead Gamers

Crossfire Banner

East Grinstead Gamers are an informal Group of Historical Gamers who meet usually twice a month on Saturday or Sunday night in East Grinstead. We play Crossfire (WW2), Shako (Napoleonic) and Armati (Ancient) and dabble in other periods and rules as well. We have taken games to Wargame Shows-most recently at Salute and SELWG. We are not a club but are always happy to welcome like minded players. Contact Martin on 01342 313995 or fill in the contact form below.

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Gaming in Finchley

Finchley, in north London (UK), is fairly well serviced for gaming.

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Finchley Wargaming Club

The Finchley Wargaming Club is a historical miniatures wargames group based in Finchley Central, London, N3, UK. When the pandemic allows we meet on Tuesday evening at a private residence, play pretty much all periods and quite a variety of gaming systems. If you’re interested in meeting up then contact me.

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Wargaming Clubs Past and Present

Wargaming Clubs I’ve been more or less involved with.

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