Wars of Spain and Portugal

My specialty is ‘Luso-Spanish’ Military History, that is, the wars of Spain and Portugal or, put another way, Iberian Wars. This specialty has pros and cons. The pros are that it covers a lot of history and I have an excuse to buy armies from some fascinating conflicts. The cons are exactly the same as the pros.

Specifically I’m interested in the following wars and periods of conflict, divided into major Periods of Military History.

Ancient warfare (to 476 AD)

240-20 BC Rise of Rome

155-139 BC Lusitanian War

20 BC-406 Pax Romana

406-711 Fall of Rome

Medieval warfare (476 – 1492 AD)

711-1492 Arab Conquest and Reconquista

1383–1385 Portuguese civil war

Gunpowder warfare (1492 – 1854)

1492-1648 Spanish and Portuguese Empires

1494-1559 Italian Wars

1509 Turkish–Portuguese War

1535 Conquest of Tunis

1538–57 Turkish–Portuguese War

1558–66 Turkish–Portuguese War

1568-1648 Eighty Years War

1580 Portuguese succession crisis

1580-89 Turkish–Portuguese War

1585-1604 Anglo-Spanish War

1602–54 Dutch-Portuguese War

1618-48 Thirty Years War

1640-48 Portuguese Restoration War

1654-60 Anglo-Spanish War

1667-68 War of Devolution

1672-78 Franco-Dutch War

1683-84 War of the Reunions

1688-97 Nine Years’ War / War of the Grand Alliance / War of the League of Augsburg

1700-14 War of Spanish Succession

1714-18 Turkish-Venetian War

1718-20 War of the Quadruple Alliance

1733–38 War of the Polish Succession

1735-37 Spanish-Portuguese War

1739-42 War of Jenkins’ Ear

1740-48 War of the Austrian Succession

1756-63 Seven Years’ War

1761-63 Spanish-Portuguese War

1776-77 Spanish-Portuguese War

1793-95 War of the Pyrenees

1801 War of the Oranges

1807-14 Peninsular War

South American Wars of Independence

1820-23 Spanish Civil War

1826-34 Portugal’s Liberal Wars

1833-76 Carlist Wars

1833-40 First Carlist War

1846-49 Second Carlist War

1846-47 Patuleia, Guerra da Patuleia, or Little Civil War

Industrial warfare (1854 – 1945)

1859-60 Spanish- Moroccan War

1861-65 Dominican Restoration War

1864-66 Chincha Islands War

1868-78 Ten Years’ War in Cuba

1872-76 Third Carlist War

1884-1917 Portuguese Africa

1893 Rif War

1895-98 Cuban Revolution and Spanish-American War

1909-27 Rif War

1914-18 World War I (WW1)

1936-39 Spanish Civil War

1939-45 World War II (WW2)

Modern warfare (1945-Present)

1958-75 Spanish Sahara

1961 Invasion of Goa / Liberation of Goa / Portuguese-Indian War / Operation Vijay

1961-74 Portuguese Colonial War / Overseas War

1961–74 Angolan War of Independence

1964-74 Mozambican War of Independence

1963-74 Guinea-Bissau War of Independence

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