Where to buy Crossfire and Hit the Dirt

On Military Matters are the current publisher of Arty Conliffe’s Crossfire. The rules and the Hit the Dirt supplement are available in both the USA and the UK.

Crossfire Cover

In the USA, you get them from On Military Matters. Just Search for Crossfire and you also get Hit the Dirt. They sell both the paper and PDF versions.

In the UK, you can get them from Caliver Books. They have both Crossfire and Hit the Dirt. Paper only.

6 thoughts on “Where to buy Crossfire and Hit the Dirt”

  1. Could you update this page now that a pdf option is finally available? Makes the game a lot easier to recommend when people can get hold of the rules right away. Cheers!

    • Matthew, the current focus are a series of freebie volumes, starting with Mini-Scenarios. A new scenario book may follow. I suspect a version two would come after that.

      • Thanks for the update! Would love to get started in Crossfire with friends but the mass of house rules makes me really wish for a revised, expanded second edition.


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