Download Crossfire Freebie 1: Mini-Scenarios

Download Crossfire Freebie 1: Mini-Scenarios. Introductory scenarios for Arty Conliffe’s Crossfire by Steven Thomas and Dick Bryant. Assisted by Arty Conliffe.

This booklet contains six mini-scenarios for Crossfire. These are “mini” because they are played on a table only 2’ by 2’ (60cm x 60cm) and with a minimum of figures. All of the scenarios use the same forces and take about an hour.

Crossfire is a fast-play WW2 wargame for Company commanders. What makes Crossfire unique is the lack of fixed game turns and lack of rulers. The effect, for the players, is an intensely immersive wargaming experience.

Each of the mini-scenarios is a perfect introduction for new players to the concepts within Crossfire. Each poses a tactical challenge that requires some thought to crack so the games will also appeal to more experienced players. The booklet also contains additional advice on how to use these mini-scenarios for a campaign, club event, or participation game at a convention.

This booklet is the first of a series of free official supplements for Crossfire. Other supplements are planned including guides on collecting forces for Crossfire, making terrain, and tactical advice.

You can download Crossfire Freebie 1: Mini-Scenarios as a PDF.

Crossfire Freebie 1 - Mini-Scenarios - Download

19 thoughts on “Download Crossfire Freebie 1: Mini-Scenarios”

    • These are excellent! Especially as a new player introducing others to the game.

      I’ve now played three of them, with three different people.

      The woods and the farm each took most of the hour (or slightly longer).

      With the woods, a new player was playing, and was unable to make much progress as the attacker. I wonder if that’s the best scenario to start with, despite being first, as “kill your enemy” is a somewhat abstract objective.

      On the farm, on the other hand, my opponent simply played too cautiously and lost both mortars, getting locked into a firefight; until his second platoon simply snuck in the back door.

      The hill, however, was excellent! My brother and I played it four times over a single hour, and they were very fun and fast games, which the attackers won all but the last time. Both of us had a great time and learned a lot.

      I suspect the scenarios are unbalanced in favor of the attackers. The two times the defenders required grave tactical errors on the side of the attacker and extraordinary luck on the side of the defenders. This could simply mean the defenders are not defending sufficiently well.

      Thank you for these, these are very fun and fast scenarios!

  1. Thanks all.

    I have just updated the supplement to correct a pagination issue in the PDF.

  2. Awesome, this will be great for introducing a friend to the game. One question though: Is the defenders minefield supposed to be placed on the table? Or is this just a reminder of the length of the minefield and the game is to use hidden markers as usual?

    • The minefield is mainly included in the orbat to remind people to plot its hidden deployment. Ditto for the sniper. They are both hidden.

      Unlike the sniper, the minefield is deployed on table when revealed. A minefield can fill an entire feature (most common) but if it is in the open, then it is four base-widths long.

  3. Thanks, I might not have read the rules for some time. I’ve always just placed a piece of string between the markers once revealed to link terrain features. Actual mine fields will of cause look better on the table.

  4. Awesome stuff! And coincidentally, I have been using these scenarios as a template to get back into wargaming again (building/buying terrain & figures) anyway (blogged here:, so having a nice PDF is great!

    Looking forward to more of these free official supplements too!

  5. Played my friend today, who had never touched CF and is not really into wargaming. I’m happy to say that he loved it. I think the first scenario was really good for him as a new player, because it has only one type of terrain feature. He played the attacker and was initially plagued by bad luck with his dice, so despite sound tactics he was getting nothing done and a bit frustrated. By minute 45 he had lost 3 stands, but then his rolls started to get better while at the same time something clicked with him. He managed to suppress my MG, drop smoke to prevent reactive fire from most other stands and charged it, killing 4 stands in one initiative ending the game in minute 58. Not quite last minute, but definitely in the spirit of it! We are looking foreward to playing the next scenario.

    My minefield was never revealed. 🙂

    • Never mind, found the part in the back where it says 12 fire missions. Also noted That the Germans have a gun off-table. The on-table mortar doesn’t have a FO. Amazing how I manage to overlook these things.


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