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Various ways to storage wargaming figures, terrain and bits n bobs.

My New Man Cave and Wargaming Storeroom

Portal to the Man Cave

After many years of sitting in the kitchen of our flat to paint, I now have a room all to myself. It isn’t big enough to wargame in, but it is big enough to store my kit and to paint in. My work colleagues, who get glimpses of it on Skype, call it the “Man Cave”.

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Terrain Box for Big Base DBA 3.0

Big Base DBA Box

For my small DBA I have a box with everything I need for a game, including all the terrain (but excluding figures). Now I want the equivalent for Big Base DBA. I figured I should sort out the box for DBA 3.0 rather than 2.2 so I’ve had a look at what I need.

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Using a Figures in Comfort Case for Storing 15mm Tanks

Figures in Comfort Mini Case

One winter’s evening in London I was loading my car with Crossfire kit to take to a club game. It was getting dark and just starting to rain. That was, of course, just the moment I dropped my box of 15mm tanks on the pavement. Over the next 30 minutes I was on hands and knees in the rain and dark trying to find the precious panzers. Luckily I managed to recover all of the vehicles but some received irreparable damage.

I never want to repeat that experience so, at the next show I went to, I picked up

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Crossfire Box – How to store all those bits n bobs

I’ve got a lot of Crossfire kit: figures, terrain, and bits n bobs. It is the bits n bobs that have gone into my “Crossfire Box”. The box is a 9 litre Very Useful Box with two 9 litre sorting tray (7 compartments each). Basically markers and dice.

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Storage Systems for Wargaming Figures

I’ve quite a lot of wargaming kit and need to store it in something. And given I’ve moved around a bit in my life I also need a system that keeps me (slightly) portable.

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