Storage Systems for Wargaming Figures

I’ve quite a lot of wargaming kit and need to store it in something. And given I’ve moved around a bit in my life I also need a system that keeps me (slightly) portable.

Custom Made Wargaming Boxes

Most of my painted figures are in custom made storage boxes. The boxes are made from MDF and stapled together and painted to make them waterproof. The trays (8 per box) are thinner MDF with a 20cm x 20cm section of magnetic sheeting (a custom size I ordered from Magnetic Displays). All my figures are based with Steel Paper on the bottom so they stick to the magnetic sheet on the trays.

Each box can comfortably accommodate two opposing armies. And two boxes, stacked, are strong enough to sit on!

?? TODO ?? Add building instructions.

The boxes are designed to stack. You’ll notice the bottom has a couple of strips of MDF each with two rubber feet (just peeking out). These are high enough to cover the hard plastic handle at the top of the box below.

Custom Wargaming Box - Back
Custom Wargaming Box – Back
Custom Wargaming Box - Front - Closed
Custom Wargaming Box – Front – Closed
Custom Wargaming Box - Front - Open 2 Trays Out
Custom Wargaming Box – Front – Open 2 Trays Out
Custom Wargaming Box - Front - Open
Custom Wargaming Box – Front – Open
Custom Wargaming Box - Side
Custom Wargaming Box – Side
Custom Wargaming Box - Top
Custom Wargaming Box – Top

Really Useful Boxes

I use a lot of Really Useful Boxes (which is a brand name). These are solid plastic boxes with a separate clip on lid. Really Useful Boxes come in a variety of sizes but I find the 4 litre boxes most useful. These are the size and shape to fit a ream of A4 paper.

I use one of these boxes for each of my “in-progress” armies/projects. Unfortunately I’ve got too many unfinished projects – but at least they now stack nicely.

I also use the 4 litre boxes for storing my buildings and my overflow painted figures and vehicles. In this case I put something like Ladelle magicgrip – a soft non slip rubber drawer liner – in the bottom to stop the items rattling about.

I use a couple of the deeper 9 litre box to store my bits n bobs for Crossfire.

Crossfire Box 2 - Closed
Crossfire Box

I use another couple of 9 litre boxes to store my trees in. And I also use one of these 9 litre boxes to store my instant DBA/HOTT kit. It contains a 2′ x 2′ cloth, dice, rulers, and the barely sufficient amount of terrain to give most options under these rules. Figures are separate.

A 35 litre box contains my specialised Field of Glory terrain.

And I’ve a few other sizes for paint brushes, dice, etc.

Mostly recently I’ve started putting completed armies into these boxes. This has been greatly facilitated by Magnetic Displays making magnetic sheets that fit into the bottom of one of their 4 litre boxes.

Figures in Comfort Bag

I use a bag from Figures in Comfort to store the majority of my WW2 vehicles. The vehicles are well padded and yet very portable. I think I’ve got The Mini figure case [FIC-MINI].

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