Category: Blitzkrieg Commander

Blitzkrieg Commander is one of a series of wargaming rule sets from Specialist Military Publishing (the other two are Cold War Commanderand Future Commander). The entire series are based on Warmaster, hence are similar to Warmaster Historical, and are very similar to each other. I’m not sure if I’m going to play Blitzkrieg Commander or not. I’m more likely to play Cold War Commander.

Wargaming Rules for WW2

There are lots of wargaming rules for World War 2. These are the ones I play: Crossfire, Megablitz, Rapier Offensive and Engle Matrix Games. One day I might write up my thoughts on the competitors, of which there are many.

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Visibility in Crossfire with Different Terrain and Troop Profiles

In my musings on Desert Warfare using Crossfire I starting thinking about the possibility that different terrain and/or troops might be different heights. As it happens Blitzkrieg Commander implements this concept. Here is how it could work in Crossfire.

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