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Fate RPG is a spin off from Fudge RPG. It is a free RPG system under the Open-Gaming License. In the 2003 Indie RPG Awards, FATE won First place in “Best Free Game Of The Year” and “Best Support”. It received Third place in “Indie RPG Of The Year” and was a recipient of the “Andy’s Choice” award. Originally the name was FATE, standing for “Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment”, which is a bit of a mouth full.

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Balagan Site Stats

I started this blog on 21 Feb 2001 and then Migrated Balagan to WordPress on 15 Sep 2013. So, roughly 4.5 years ago. One of the great things about WordPress, compared to the hand crafted HTML site I had before, is that I get statistics on page views. Apparently I’ve had 1,176,779 views since I migrated and 1,125 comments. My biggest day (23 Feb 2018) brought 2,420 views – this was because Reddit got hold of my Academy of Street Fighting: Tactics during the Battle of Stalingrad post. Today is a typical day with 750 views.

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Explaining Fate Core to Newbies

Fate Core Book Cover

I’m thinking of running a game of Fate Core for some mates. Fate is sufficiently different to other role playing games that I thought I should pull together notes on the things to cover with the newbies. This is basically the Cheat Sheet from the rules with explanatory text and is based on the 2011 Fred Hicks post on The Core of Fate Core.

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Dresden Files in Greater London, UK

The Dresden Files are a series of books by by Jim Butcher. They feature Chicago’s only listed Wizard Private Eye. There is now also a spin off TV series and a RPG. The Dresden Files RPG (DFRPG), like Fate RPG 3.0 itself, is by Evil Hat Productions.

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Tonulli: Fate RPG in Mesoamerica

I love the history of the New World, both before and after the Spanish Conquest. I’m slowly working on a pre-conquest setting called the Place of Reeds. This section is about using Fate RPG 3.0 in a Mesoamerican setting; I’ve called this Fate RPG variant Tonulli. There are a lot of Fate 3.0 variants but Tonulli is primarily based on Free Fate with bits from Spirit of the Century.

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Design Notes for Tonulli – Fate RPG in Mesoamerica

Some rough notes on why I did what I did when designing Tonulli, i.e. Fate RPG for the New World.

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Open Game License Version 1.0a


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Versions of Fate RPG

There are a couple of major versions of Fudge RPG out there and a few minor versions.

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Converting Strands of Fate Back to Fate RPG

In my opinion Strands of Fate by VoidStar is one of the more extreme versions of Fate RPG 3.0. However there are some interesting scenarios available on-line for Strands of Fate from VoidStar. I’d like to use the scenarios with Free Fate (from Yahoo Group: Fate RPG in the Files section) as this is more likely to reflect the published Fate RPG 3.0 when it comes out. These are my thoughts on how to convert scenarios from Strands of Fate to Free Fate.

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Comparison of Fate RPG and Fudge RPG

Fate RPG is a spin off from Fudge RPG. There are distinct similarities but Fate does add some interesting twists. Actually there are several versions of Fate and this comparison will concentrate on Free Fudge as this seems to embody the majority view on Fate 3.0. I’ll mention other variants if it seems relevant to the comparison.

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My RPG Journey

I played Role Playing Games (RPG) solidly for about 15 years from my early teens.

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Fudge Points Based on Fate Points

In Fudge RPG Fudge points are a formal mechanism to allow players to “just fudge it!”. Fudge RPG has some recommendations for how Fudge points are gained and how they can spent. Fate RPG takes the concept further with its Fate points. Here is my take on what a more Fudge would look like with some of the Fate point mechanisms used for Fudge points.

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