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Material on Crossfire that has been endorsed by Arty Conliffe, the author.

Where to buy Crossfire and Hit the Dirt

On Military Matters are the current publisher of Arty Conliffe’s Crossfire. The rules and the Hit the Dirt supplement are available in both the USA and the UK.

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Crossfire Clarifications by Arty Confliffe from 2001

Crossfire Official Clarifications

Back in the days when there was no Crossfire Yahoo forum, and we shared a forum with the Spearhead guys, John Moher posted some Crossfire clarifications from Arty Conliffe. Tim M. hosted these clarifications until his site closed down a couple of years ago. I thought they are useful for the community so have reposted them here.

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Crossfire Reprints from On Military Matters

SPREAD THE WORD! HALLELUJAH! On Military Matters have reprinted Crossfire. They are available both in the USA and in the UK.

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