Crossfire Reprints from On Military Matters

SPREAD THE WORD! HALLELUJAH! On Military Matters have reprinted Crossfire. They are available both in the USA and in the UK.

The Crossfire community has been hanging out for copies of the rules. New copies have been hard to find and people have been keenly watching ebay for old copies.

Crossfire Cover

Wait no more. Arty recently decided to reprint the rules using On Military Matters as a publisher.

In the USA, you get them from On Military Matters. Just Search for Crossfire and you also get Hit the Dirt.

In the UK, you can get them from Caliver Books. They have both Crossfire and Hit the Dirt.

The reprint is for the original version of Crossfire. There has been talk over the years of a version 2, but the reprint acknowledges that we’ll have to wait quite some time before the new version appears.

There is no PDF option as yet. To date Arty is resisted this approach to publishing. For the moment it is paper all the way.

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