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The supplement to Liberators (Liberators! Supplement 1: The War in the South) includes a set of Quick Play Rules (Liberators QPR). John Fletcher knocked them up quickly for a demonstration game at a show. That means they are quite raw but definitely playable.

Steven’s 1815 Argentine Army on Big Bases

Argentine 7th Infantry Regiment - Back

I thought I’d show off my 1815 Argentines. I my thoughts on Using Big Base Liberators Figures of 1817-18 for 1815 I highlighted a few gaps that I needed to fill before I could refight Sipe Sipe. I could use some figures from my 1817-18 Argentineans but I had to get a few more.

If you are interested in the other side, I’ve already posted on my 1815 Royalists.

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Liberators Scenarios I’d Like To Play

I was talking to John Fletcher and he mentioned most people who play Liberators choose the 1817-18 campaign, like I did. So I’m determined to refight other battles, hopefully all of them eventually. But to start with here is a catalogue of the scenarios.

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Wargaming the Battle of Tucuman

Options for fighting the Battle of Tucuman

Having written up the an account of the historical Battle of Tucuman (24-25 September 1812) it is time to consider how to recreate the battle. I’ve come up with three options: (1) historical (2) alternative and (3) grand tactical.

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Liberators Maps at Different Ground Scales

Map from Ica Scenario

Different rule systems assume different ground scales. So I thought I’d show one scenario map, a Liberators scenario by John Fletcher for the Battle of Ica, at different ground scales. And suggest which Wargaming Rules suit each scale.

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Steven’s 1817-18 Chilean Army on Big Bases

Chilean Coquimbo Cazadore Battalion

When I rebased my Argentine army I also transferred my Chilean army to Big Bases. This is the Chilean element of San Martin’s Army of the Andes from my 1817-18 Chilean Project.

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Steven’s 1817-18 Argentine Army on Big Bases

Argentine 7th Infantry Regiment

I have rebased my Argentine Army of the South American Wars of Liberation on Big Bases. All infantry and cavalry on 80mm x 40mm bases. 12 figures per infantry base; two bases to a battalion. 6 figures per cavalry base/squadron. Guns stayed on 40mm x 40mm bases; one gun per base.

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Converting from Liberators QPR to March Attack

I gave March Attack a go for Liberators when I fought Alternative Chacabuco. March Attack are a battalion level set of Napoleonic rules from Crusader Publishing. They appeal to me for a variety of reasons, not least because each unit is two stands, just like my big base armies.

But to do the refight I had to translate the orders of battle from Liberators QPR, the game I’ve used most for big battles in the Liberators period, to March Attack. The main issues are Troop Quality and Commander Ratings.

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Wargaming the Battle of Gavilan 5 May 1817

Gavilan Table

John Fletcher has published a scenario for the Battle of Gavilan (5 May 1817). I’ve got supplementary notes related to wargaming that scenario in various places and this post points to them.

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Alternative Chacabuco – Liberators QPR Battle Report 2

Chris Harrod, Robin Doran and I played the Alternative Chacabuco scenario from Fletcher (2006) using Liberators QPR. This is the third time I’ve played the scenario; the first time was Liberators QPR, the second was Liberators HOTT.

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House Rules for Liberators QPR

The supplement to Liberators (Fletcher, 2006) includes a set of Quick Play Rules (QPR). This page covers how I vary from the published rules. I’ve distinguished between new rules () and clarifications of existing rules().

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Maipo – A Liberators QPR Scenario

Maipo is a scenario in the Liberators book (Fletcher, 2005, p. 66-67). These are my notes for playing the scenario with the Liberators Quick Play Rules.

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Musings on Liberators QPR rules

A few possible optional rules for Liberators QPR.

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Cancha Rayada – A Liberators QPR Battle Report

Chris Harrod and I played the Cancha Rayada scenario with the Liberators Quick Play Rules. A great game. Really fun. On the down side it was a bit long and revealed some flaws in the scenario.

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Experimental Rules for Liberators QPR

I’ve put together some experimental modifications to Liberators QPR. The aim is to increase the importance of morale and fill in a few gaps. It’d be nice if they made the game faster but only play testing will tell.

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Maipo – A Liberators QPR Battle Report

Chris Harrod and I played the Maipo Scenario from the Liberators book using the Liberators Quick Play Rules. We rolled for sides and Chris got the Royalists and I got the Patriots.

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