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Hit the Dirt (HTD) is the only supplement for Crossfire. it contains both special rules and quite a lot of scenarios. These scenarios inspired those on this site.

Making ravines and depressions for Crossfire

Depression 772 Table with lots of ravines and depressions

I’ve had a go at gullies and depressions before. But they look too much like hills. So I decided to have another go modelling just the edge of the depression. Then I took this concept further and modelled a modular ravine system. I featured both of these when I asked, How does my Burmese battlefield look? In this post I share a bit more about how I make these features.

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Breakout at the Hinge – A Crossfire Battle Report

Breakout-31 Table

I use the Crossfire special rules from Hit the Dirt (HTD) a lot, but I’m conscious I haven’t played many of the scenarios. Recently I decided to rectify that, so when Chris and Adam came over last week I suggested they play Breakout at the Hinge, one of the HTD scenarios. This scenario is very unusual because it features a German breakout in 1941, at the height of Operational Barbarossa, when the perception is that it was the Soviets who were always the ones encircled.

Summary: Good game. Lots of terrain. Very asymmetric making it a serious challenge for both

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Making boulder and rock fields for Crossfire

Rocks24 Portuguese Cacadore in the rock field

The Crossfire supplement Hit-the-Dirt introduces Boulder Fields and Rock Fields as Crossfire Terrain for scenarios in the Italian Campaign. My post Types of Terrain Features in Crossfire explains how they are used in the game. In this post I explain how I made mine. Simple but excessive is the summary. Simple because I start with actual rocks. Excessive because I base, paint, and flock.

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Ponyri Station – A Hit the Dirt Blast from the Past

Ponyri Station 12

I was filing old papers tonight when I found a few photos of a very early game of Crossfire. Real photos, you know, the ones on photographic paper, from a shop. It took a while but I figure the game was Ponyri Station. I thought I’d share because, aside from the fact these are the only photos I have of a game of my favourite scenario from Hit the Dirt, they also show how I started out in Crossfire – using anything I had.

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PowerPoint Maps: Drawing Maps for Crossfire

Making Papa Eicke 15 Tweak

Okay, we’ve decided our map scale, got our table grids and our Crossfire Symbol Catalogue, now what? Time to actually draw a map for a Crossfire Scenario.

In this post I explain how I go about drawing a map for Crossfire. All that preparation from earlier posts makes drawing such a map really easy.

Rather than talk in general terms I thought I’d take you through the process I used to draw the map for Papa Eicke – A Crossfire Scenario.

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Hit the Dirt – Scenarios for Crossfire

Hit the Dirt Cover

Hit the Dirt is the only supplement to Arty Conliffe’s Crossfire rules. It contains 20 or so WW2 scenarios. I’ve played a few and like them all so far. Even if you never play any of the games the book is useful for the examples of how to make scenarios. And the optional rules at the start and specific scenario rules are good for ideas as well.

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Crossfire’s Moving Clock and Variations

Steven's Moving Clock

Hit the Dirt introduced the concept of the Moving Clock to Crossfire. I’ve done an Analysis of the Moving Clock, dreamed up some variations on this concept (Turns, Minutes , Clock ticks), and noted some thoughts on modelling the moving clock.

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Reconnaissance Before Pontecorvo – A Crossfire Battle Report

John McLennan turned up, with his almost finished British, and wanted a bash. I didn’t have a prepared Crossfire scenario so we decided upon the Hit the Dirt scenario “Reconnaissance Before Pontecorvo” (p. 19). The gist of the scenario is a Canadian company must try to identify the positions of a reduced company of entrenched Germans, without taking undue losses themselves.

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Musing on Night Fighting in Crossfire

Some musing on night fighting in Crossfire. I asked the Crossfire forum about night fighting. This is a summary of the results.

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Direct Fire Mortars in Crossfire

Some musing on Direct Fire Mortars in Crossfire. Special Rule 6 in Hit the Dirt (HTD) is Direct Fire Mortars. I queried Bill Rutherford – the author of HTD – on some aspects of this rule. See also my own house rule for Direct Fire Mortars – similar to the HTD version, but some key differences.

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Political Commissar Rule for Crossfire

The Political Commissar Special Rule for Crossfire. Standard Crossfire doesn’t cover this but it is described in Hit the Dirt (p. 8). The rule is optional but is applicable to Soviets in WWII – in particular between July 1941 and November 1942 – and communists in any number of civil wars and insurgencies, e.g. the Spanish Civil War and the Portuguese Colonial War.

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Types of Terrain Features in Crossfire

KB1F-05 Table

I wanted a list of all the Crossfire Terrain types in one place. The list is compiled from Crossfire and Hit the Dirt. House Rules are in italics.

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Balagan House Rules for Crossfire

Crossfire Balagan House Rules Logo

These are the Crossfire house rules I actually use. I’ve only listed those I’ve played and liked – look elsewhere for other Musings on Crossfire.

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