Hit the Dirt – Scenarios for Crossfire

Hit the Dirt is the only supplement to Arty Conliffe’s Crossfire rules.

Rutherford, B, & Lewis, J. (n.d.) Hit the Dirt: WWII Scenarios for Crossfire.

It contains 20 or so WW2 scenarios. I’ve played a few and like them all so far. Even if you never play any of the games the book is useful for the examples of how to make scenarios. And the optional rules at the start and specific scenario rules are good for ideas as well.

I recommend you have a look at the Hit the Dirt: Scenario specific errata and clarifications published on Nikolas Lloyd’s site. I’ve scribbled them into my copy of Hit the Dirt.

Eastern Front

Using my kit

Green Hell

I used this as an intro for a couple of people until I made my own Scenario for Novices

Battle for the Highway

Played once. you need a lot of very very very small features for this one. It must represent very very very dense forest.

The Island

Played once. Six T-34s … tank bonanza in Crossfire terms. The defending Germans have to ensure the entire table edge is covered otherwise the Russians will breakthrough.

Battle for Ponyri

Played it four times so far I think. Maybe more. My favourite. Very bloody. You need a fair few houses for this one. It was this scenario that got me making building sectors en masse. And a railway embankment of course. It is good for four players because the embankment neatly divides the table in two. I liked it so much I made a bigger version for a 15’x5′ table (Ponyri Station and Hill 253.5). So you can imagine how many buildings I’ve got now. 🙂

Italy and NW Europe

Using my Germans and John/Rich’s British. That’s the secret of play more of the scenarios you see, find somebody else who’s got the right figures …

Reconnaissance Before Pontecorvo (19 May 1944)

I’ve played a couple of times, and got one Battle Report from it. I used this as a basis for a few Russian scout scenarios of my own, e.g. Tarnopol: Russian Recce.

Monte Altuzzo

I know I’ve played it but I can’t for the life of me remember whose Americans we used!

Hotel Brittania

Played once. Another one with a bunch of buildings. You need one big building for this = the hotel. Six sectors worth.

Scottish Corridor

Played once. Unfortunately we forgot Scenario Special Rule e … “The pasture fences on the game board are Barbed Wire”. So our Scots got steam rollered. Must try it again with the rule in place.

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