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“Hurrah Stalino!” is a corps to army level rules for conflict on the Russian Front 1941 to 1945. It is by the Neo Stalinist Reality Wargames Collective aka Kremlin Miniatures. I got interested when I was looking at Operational level games. Martin Rapier said of Hurrah Stalino! that “it looks a bit daft at first glance but is actually a damn good game, very subtle”.

What Wargaming Rules to use for the Operational Level of War?

What Wargaming Rules are really for the Operational Level of Warfare

I’ve tried Megablitz a few times but I wondered what other wargaming rules there are to use for Operational Warfare in WW2. I quickly found there are a lot of game systems that claim to be large scale rules. But you have to careful in this space as many rules that claim to be Operational are actually Tactical. Others are Operational-Tactical and a fourth group are what I call Operational-Map-And-Tactical. These groupings are from my categorisation scheme using my criteria for what makes a set of wargaming rules operational level – both found later in this post.

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Wargaming Rules for WW2

There are lots of wargaming rules for World War 2. These are the ones I play: Crossfire, Megablitz, Rapier Offensive and Engle Matrix Games. One day I might write up my thoughts on the competitors, of which there are many.

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