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Download Crossfire Freebie 1: Mini-Scenarios

Download Crossfire Freebie 1: Mini-Scenarios. Introductory scenarios for Arty Conliffe’s Crossfire by Steven Thomas and Dick Bryant. Assisted by Arty Conliffe.

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3 Round Normandy – A Three Game Crossfire Campaign

Normany 3 round campaign

This is a 3 Round Campaign set during the Normandy Campaign of 1944 with Crossfire as the tactical rules. I threw it together because Dick Bryant was interested in how to run my Kursk 3 Round outside the Eastern Front.

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Linked Scenario Campaigns

Tarnopol 3 Round Campaign Map

I often write about linked scenario campaigns but haven’t actually said what I mean. Linked scenarios are exactly what they sound like – a series of pre-determined scenarios linked together to make a campaign.

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Crossfire at Position Four – A Linked Scenario Campaign

Position Four Linked Scenario

A Crossfire linked campaign with two scenarios: Village P and Line N-M. The campaign setting is based on Hartmann: Infiltration of Position Four.

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3 Round Tarnopol – A Crossfire Campaign

3 Round Tarnopol uses the 3 Round Campaign mechanisms within the historical context of Tarnopol for a Crossfire campaign. The structure of the game guarantees three different Crossfire games are played from a possible set of five scenarios.

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Race for … X Campaign

Based on Huda (2003) and Martin Rapier: Race for Leningrad.

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3 Round Kursk: A 3 Game Campaign for Crossfire

Kursk 3 Round Campaign

This is a 3 Round Campaign set at Kursk in 1943 and Crossfire as the tactical rules.

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Krasny Bor Campaign – A Crossfire Campaign featuring the Blue Division

Krasny Bor Campaign - All Tables

In mid-2003 the guys at the Shed asked me to set up a scenario for a weekend bash. The parameters they outlined were: WW2, Crossfire, 8-9 players (optional umpire), 4 tables, 2 real days of gaming, and BIG. Krasny Bor appealed to me for a number of reasons:

It involves the Spanish Blue Division It is very BIG There aren’t many tanks It is seemingly one-sided, and I wondered if I could still make it a good game.

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3 Round Campaign

I picked up the idea of a 3 round campaign from the BattleFront: Kursk Campaign and the BattleFront: Campaigns in Flames of War page on the Battlefront Miniatures website. Essentially it is a serious of linked scenarios, with some pre-determined logic for which scenarios are fought depending on the results of earlier games.

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Multiplayer Pocket – A Three Table Crossfire Scenario

Map Pocket All Tables

I was asked to run a one-day Crossfire game for 6-8 members of the Guildford Wargames Club. This is what I came up with. It was designed to use all the WW2 / Eastern Front infantry I had at the time – one battalion a side – plus supporting equipment, however, with play testing I decided to increase the forces of each player to at least 1 company. This meant the total forces on each side ended up being 4 Infantry Companies + 1 Infantry Platoon + 2 AFV + 2 or 3 ATG.

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