Crossfire at Position Four – A Linked Scenario Campaign

A Crossfire linked campaign with two scenarios: Village P and Line N-M. The campaign setting is based on Hartmann: Infiltration of Position Four.

If you want to play the whole battle then have a look at my Position Four Megablitz Scenario.

Historical Situation

Setting: Eastern Front, Central Sector; Sometime 1 Feb – 22 Nov 1943

As part of a 60 km staged withdrawal the German 87th Infantry Division occupied Position Four shown in Sketch 3. Sector West was open terrain whereas Sector East was on high, open ground that was particularly suitable for defence. Three to four kilometres of dense swampy forest divided the two sectors. The only road was an improved highway through Sector East; the entire supply of 87th division and of the division on the right depended on that road.

Hartmann - Position Warfare Sketch 3 - Enemy attack in the woods
Hartmann – Position Warfare Sketch 3 – Enemy attack in the woods

The Russians attacked the front for a couple of days whilst infiltrating two rifle regiments into the German rear. When discovered they were already outside village P and on the line N-M. The 87th Division quickly organised a counterattack including the Division reserve from the north and a scratch force from the south. They annihilated the two Russian regiments which meant there was no attack on the German positions on day four.

See Hartmann: Infiltration of Position Four for the full historical situation.


Position Four - Linked Scenario Campaign
Position Four – Linked Scenario Campaign

The historical situation struck me as a good basis for a small linked scenario campaign. I’m thinking three scenarios but I’ve only done work on two:

The Village P scenario would be the attack of the German scratch force from the south. Depending on how successful this attack is the Germans will some reinforcements in the second scenario where the German Reserve attacks the Russians on Line N-M.

This doesn’t consider the actual infiltration.

If you wanted to take it further you might have earlier scenarios which either represent one of the attacks on Sector East and/or something to do with the infiltration itself.

Position Four - Linked Scenario Campaign on Map
Position Four – Linked Scenario Campaign on Map


Axis History: 87 Infanterie-Division

This gives the dates which Hartmann commanded the division and on which sector. It is also where I got the order of battle from.

Principles And Experiences Of Position Warfare And Retrograde Movements by General er Artillerie Walter Hartmann

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