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John Mclennan is a bit of a fan of Games Workshop and introduced me to Warmaster Ancients and Medieval. Independently the guys at the Shed have been playing it for a couple of years. That was enough endorsement to give it a go.

Using DBx Armies for Warmaster Historical

Heresy I know, but I’ve a few friends who are keen on Warmaster Historical and all my ancients armies are based for DBx. As I understand it most Warmaster Historical bases are 40mm wide anyway, so no problem there. The difficulty are the who are 20mm wide in Warmaster.

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Fall of Hispania Campaign

I’m in the process of re-flocking my Fall of Rome armies. I’ve mostly done the Alans, Huns, and Germanic Cavalry (Visigoths, Vandals, Suevi). Now I’ve got the the Germanic foot horde to do. Romans later.

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What Wargaming Rules to use for the Macedonian and Punic Wars?

The Carthaginians were my first wargames army as an adult – I inherited and expanded my father’s 1/72 scale converted Airfix army. They are long gone but now I have a beautiful set of Carthaginian, Roman and Spanish armies in 15 mm for the Punic Wars. As it happens, I also have some their Macedonian contemporaries … Seleucid.

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Mapless Campaigns

The premise of the Mapless Campaign system is that complicated campaigns involving maps with detailed map movement, and where losing a couple of battles seriously impairs a player’s chance of success, are doomed to peter out. There are no maps in this campaign but players get to collect territories. And collecting territories makes the player more powerful. It is based on the campaign system in the Warmaster Ancient Armies book by Rick Priestley.

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Our first go at Warmaster Historical

John Mclennan is a bit of a fan of Games Workshop and I’m looking for an alternative to DBM for large games so we gave Using DBx Armies for Warmaster Historical (in this case Warmaster Ancients) a go. We settled on Punic Wars – John taking the Romans and me the Carthaginians. Chris Harrod hosted us and provided morale support from the sofa.

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Pyrrhic Army Lists for Warmaster Ancients

One of the gaps in the Warmaster Historical Army Lists is Pyrrhic – the army of Pyrrhus the Great. So I made one or more specifically a Greek main army list with a Italian option.

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Sources for Warmaster Historical

An annotated bibliography for Warmaster Historical.

Army Lists for Warmaster Historical

I thought I’d list all the Warmaster Historical (Ancients and Medieval) army lists with a view to seeing what I’ve got.

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What Wargaming Rules to use for the Italian Wars?

What Wargaming Rules to use for the Italian Wars

Wargaming rules for the Italian Wars. There are a few choices out there. The ones I’ve poked a stick at are:

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