Army Lists for Warmaster Historical

I thought I’d list all the Warmaster Historical (Ancients and Medieval) army lists with a view to seeing what I’ve got.

Era Army List Book Page
Chariot Assyrian WA 84
Chariot Egyptian, Early (Old & Middle Kingdom) WAA 8
Chariot Egyptian (New Kingdom) WA 82
Chariot Greek, Homeric / Trojan WA 86
Chariot Hittite WA 83
Chariot Israelites RP
Chariot Nubians RP
Chariot Sumer & Akkad WAA 10
Greece and East Achaemenid Persian WA 89
Greece and East Achaemenid Persian, Late WA 92
Greece and East Achaemenid Persian, Late (presumably revised) RP
Greece and East Alexandrian Greek WA 90
Greece and East Artaxiad Armenian RP
Greece and East Greco-Bactrian RP
Greece and East Greek, Classical WA 88
Greece and East Greek, Peloponnesian War WAA 14
Greece and East Indian WA 96
Greece and East Scythian RP
Greece and East Successor, General WA 94
Greece and East Successor, Antigonid Macedonian RP
Greece and East Successor, Mithridatic RP
Greece and East Successor, Lysimachid RP
Greece and East Successor, Ptolemaic RP
Greece and East Successor, Pyrrhic RP
Greece and East Successor, Selucid WAA 18
Greece and East Thracian RP
Rise of Roman Celtiberian WAA 24
Rise of Rome Britons WA 108
Rise of Rome Carthaginian WA 104
Rise of Rome Dacian WA 109
Rise of Rome Galatians RP
Rise of Rome Gallic WA 106
Rise of Rome German WA 107
Rise of Rome Judean Revolt WAA 26
Rise of Rome Meroe WAA 34
Rise of Rome Numidian WAA 36
Rise of Rome Palmyra WAA 38
Rise of Rome Parthian WA 112
Rise of Rome Roman, Late Republican WAA 30
Rise of Rome Roman, Mid-Imperial RP
Rise of Rome Roman, Republican WA 98
Rise of Rome Roman, Republican (revised 2nd Punic War) RP
Rise of Rome Roman, Imperial WA 100
Rise of Rome Roman, Imperial (Revised) RP
Rise of Rome Sarmatians WAA 40
Dark Ages Anglo-Saxon WA 120
Dark Ages Arabs WAA 44
Dark Ages Arthurian British WAA 46
Dark Ages Bulgars WAA 48
Dark Ages Byzantine, Early WA 117
Dark Ages Byzantine, Thematic WAA 56
Dark Ages Carolingian Franks WAA 50
Dark Ages Early Danes/Vikings RP
Dark Ages Early Saxons RP
Dark Ages Franks RP
Dark Ages Gepids RP
Dark Ages Hun WA 118
Dark Ages Ireland, Celtic WAA 52
Dark Ages Khazars RP
Dark Ages Norman WA 122
Dark Ages Norse WA 121
Dark Ages Roman, Late WA 116
Dark Ages Roman, Late (revised) RP
Dark Ages Rus WAA 54
Dark Ages Sassanid Persian WA 114
Dark Ages African Vandal RP
Dark Ages Visigoths WAA 60
Far East China, Qin WAA 63
Far East Shang RP
Far East Tibetans RP
Medieval Almoravid Moors WMA 6
Medieval Anglo-Normans WMA 14
Medieval Army of Barbarossa WMA 17
Medieval Army of El Cid WMA 8
Medieval Army of Salah Ah-Din WMA 12
Medieval Army of Yorkist Pretender WMA 60
Medieval Black Army of Matthias Corvinus King of Hungary WMA 46
Medieval Bohemian League WMA 40
Medieval Burgundian Ordonnance WMA 48
Medieval English Armies of Hundred Years War WMA 28
Medieval French Armies of Hundred Years War WMA 32
Medieval French Ordonnance WMA 68
Medieval Hussites WMA 38
Medieval Italian Condotta WMA 66
Medieval Kingdom of Jerusalem WMA 10
Medieval Koreans WMA 73
Medieval Lombard League WMA 18
Medieval Mongols WMA 20
Medieval Ottoman Turks WMA 42
Medieval Polish-Lithuanian Union WMA 34
Medieval Rebellious Borders (Welsh and Scots) WMA 24
Medieval Samurai WMA 70
Medieval Scots Army of David I WMA 16
Medieval Scots Army of King James IV WMA 64
Medieval Second Barons War WMA 22
Medieval Swiss Confederation WMA 50
Medieval Teutonic Order WMA 36
Medieval Tudor Army WMA 62
Medieval Wars of Roses, Lancaster WMA 52
Medieval Wars of Roses, York WMA 54


  • WA – Warmaster Ancients
  • WAA – Warmaster Ancient Armies
  • WMA – Warmaster Medieval Armies
  • RP – Rick Priestly’s web site with the specific page if I know it.

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