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Volley & Bayonet: Road to Glory Core is the second edition of the rules. It aims to cover a large chunk of the period of gunpowder warfare, specifically 1700-1900. V&B is a corps/army level game with each stand representing a regiment or brigade.

I played Volley & Bayonent once, a long time ago, with Wayne Turner. We used his 25mm Franco Prussian War figures. The armies looked great with 10 big figures on each brigade stand and the game played well. Years latter Roland Davis reminded me of these rules so I thought I’d revisit them with a view to using them for the Peninsular War.

Spanish at Albuera – Better than Conventional Wargaming and V&B Stereotypes Allow

Myth vs Truth

In my recently published Albuera – A Volley and Bayonet Scenario, I used an Order of Battle by Jeff Glasco. For the scenario I did not try to reconcile Glasco’s order of battle with my own Orders of Battle at the Battle of Albuera. Nor did I inject my own thinking on the Spanish forces at the battle and it is the Spanish I want to focus on in this post.

I appears that Jeff Glasco, like most Napoleonic wargamers, doesn’t think much of the Spanish and layers on the disadvantages. This attitude and approach is fairly common in

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Albuera – A Volley and Bayonet Scenario with help from Jeff Glasco

Battle of Albuera Map by Steven Thomas

Here is my first attempt at a Volley & Bayonet scenario for the Battle of Albuera (16 May 1811). The Order of Battle is by Jeff Glasco and I contributed the rest.

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Liberators Maps at Different Ground Scales

Map from Ica Scenario

Different rule systems assume different ground scales. So I thought I’d show one scenario map, a Liberators scenario by John Fletcher for the Battle of Ica, at different ground scales. And suggest which Wargaming Rules suit each scale.

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Why Volley and Bayonet for the Peninsular War


There are a few reasons why I’ve gone for Volley & Bayonet to use for Peninsular War and specifically my Albuera Project.

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Volley and Bayonet is Easy, Fun and Challenging


I asked my mate Roland why he likes Volley & Bayonet (V&B). The summary is:

If genius is defined as the ability to make the very complicated seem very simple then I am tempted to call V&B genius.

Roland then expanded on that. All the words are his. I’ve also dropped in some photos of Roland’s figures.

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Brigade Bases for Volley and Bayonet

Volley & Bayonet has big bases. Pretty much all troops are based on 3″ x 3″ bases; you can have any number of figures you want of any scale. I recently rebased my Peninsular War figures on big bases. I wanted to leave myself options so I effectively went for half size V&B bases. Each of my bases is 80mm wide by 40mm deep and . gets six cavalry or 12 infantry. Two of these, one behind the other, is a V&B brigade stand.

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Big Bases for the Peninsular War

I’ve decided to go for big bases for the Peninsular War. Couple of reasons for this.

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