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Wargaming campaigns that can use Crossfire for the tactical rules

Stalingrad Day 2 – Finchley Wargaming Club – Steve Phenow’s Briefing

Stalingrad Day 2 - RR Factory - German

Day 2 of the 2019 World Wide Stalingrad Campaign for Crossfire is upon us. This is, more or less, the Crossfire material that Stephen Phenow sent the Finchley Wargaming Club. I have changed the format and put it into my normal template. And I’ve added a few bits that seemed missing. Where possible I’ve used Steve P’s words.

The Germans have replaced their depleted battalion with a fresh one and given them more combat engineers and more heavy artillery. The Moving Clock (Timeslip) is now under German control. The Soviets had their infantry refresh but lost support elements e.g.

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Stalingrad Day 1 – Finchley Wargaming Club – Crossfire Battle Report

Stalingrad-Day-1 463 T-34 lurk behind railway station

Chris Harrod, Jamie Wish, Adam Landa and I played Day 1 of the 2019 World Wide Stalingrad Campaign based on Steve Phenow’s Briefing. Crossfire of course.

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2019 World Wide Stalingrad Campaign for Crossfire

Staliingrad - A World Wide Web Miniatures Campaign

Stephen Phenow has volunteered to run a world wide campaign for Crossfire set in Stalingrad. Steve announced it on the Crossfire-WWII Yahoo Group but the action will take place on Stalingrad A World Wide Web Miniatures Campaign Facebook Group.

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Paper Factory – A Crossfire Battle Report from Krasny Bor

KB1R-004 Table

Jamie Wish and Chris Harrod played “Paper Factory” (KB1R), the second game of Krasny Bor, featuring the Blue Division in an epic Crossfire campaign. The Spaniards were defending the Paper Factory, in a loop of the Ishora River, against overwhelming odds. Jamie’s Soviets captured all three objectives and won.

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Advance from Ian Ishora – A Crossfire Battle Report from Krasny Bor

KB1F-05 Table

Jamie Wish and Chris Harrod played “Advance from Ian Ishora” (KB1F), the first game of my Krasny Bor Campaign featuring the Blue Division defending against overwhelming odds in an epic Crossfire campaign.

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Playing the Krasny Bor Crossfire Campaign with two players

Krasny Bor Campaign - Two Players

At the end of last year Jo asked if I had ever revisited my Krasny Bor Campaign for Crossfire and the Blue Division. Sadly the answer was no, but it prompted me to rectify the lapse.

I have persuaded Chris Harrod and Jamie Wish to play the campaign. This was a bit different: two players not eight; two months not two days. Here is some advice for anybody who wants to give it a go.

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Bloody Weekend at Villiers – A Crossfire Mini-Campaign

Sheffler 02 - View from the south

Brett Simpson ran a Crossfire mini-campaign over a weekend. Four games were played in total: two Meeting Engagements and Two Bridgeheads. Saturday’s scenario was a Meeting Engagement with the objective of taking the rail hotel (Provincial Beige Building). Sunday used the same table layout, but switched to a Bridgehead. This simulates a counter-attack by whichever force lost on Saturday. There were four games because the players swapped side on each day. Brett wrote up two of the games.

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Operation Crossfire 2014

Operation Crossfire Allied Sunray map

Nikolas Lloyd has announced “Operation Crossfire” for November 2014. A world wide event using Crossfire as the tactical rules.

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3 Round Normandy – A Three Game Crossfire Campaign

Normany 3 round campaign

This is a 3 Round Campaign set during the Normandy Campaign of 1944 with Crossfire as the tactical rules. I threw it together because Dick Bryant was interested in how to run my Kursk 3 Round outside the Eastern Front.

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Crossfire at Position Four – A Linked Scenario Campaign

Position Four Linked Scenario

A Crossfire linked campaign with two scenarios: Village P and Line N-M. The campaign setting is based on Hartmann: Infiltration of Position Four.

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Mapless Campaign in WW2 using Crossfire

Crossfire Campaign Logo

I’ve written about Mapless Campaigns but Crossfire is sufficiently different as a game system, and the level of the game (company level WW2) that I thought I’d write a specific adaptation.

There are no maps in this campaign. Instead the players collect territories, and collecting territories makes a player more powerful. This is based on my earlier Mapless Campaigns, which was based on the campaign system in the Warmaster Ancient Armies book by Rick Priestley.

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Battle Group Friebe – A Crossfire Battle Report

Panther from Battle Group Friebe

Rich Wilcox and I play through the scenario Tarnopol: Battle Group Friebe, the third part of our Crossfire Campaign: 3 Round Tarnopol. It has been 18 months since played the game so the details have been lost with time but Rich won the game and hence the campaign. Rich also captured a few snaps.

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Russian Recce – A Crossfire Battle Report

Rich Wilcox and I tried out the first scenario – Tarnopol: Russian Recce – from my Tarnopol 3 Round Campaign. This scenario was based on my experience of Reconnaissance before Pontecorvo, which revealed several problems with that HTD scenario.

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No-mans land – A Crossfire Campaign

A version of No-mans land – A Mini-Campaign, adapted to Crossfire.

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SU-152s Up Close and Personal – A Crossfire Scenario in Tarnopol

Table for SU-152s Up Close and Personal

This Crossfire scenario features Russian SU-152 Self Propelled Guns clearing the streets of Tarnopol. It can part of the 3 Round Tarnopol Crossfire Campaign but can also be played in isolation. See also the Battle Report.

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