Mapless Campaign in WW2 using Crossfire

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I’ve written about Mapless Campaigns but Crossfire is sufficiently different as a game system, and the level of the game (company level WW2) that I thought I’d write a specific adaptation.

There are no maps in this campaign. Instead the players collect territories, and collecting territories makes a player more powerful. This is based on my earlier Mapless Campaigns, which was based on the campaign system in the Warmaster Ancient Armies book by Rick Priestley.

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Push to the City – A Crossfire Scenario in Tarnopol

Table - Tarnopol 1944-03-28 - Push to the City - Crossfire - Banner

This Crossfire scenario represents the pivotal Russian assault that broke the men of the German 949th Grenadier Regiment at Tarnopol on 28 Mar 1944, and the counter-attacks that followed. It is part of the 3 Round Tarnopol Crossfire Campaign but can also be played in isolation.

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Race Through Normandy – A Crossfire Campaign

This three round Crossfire campaign simulates both the fighting in the bocage in Normandy, June 1944, but also the competitive spirit prevailing between the American and British / Commonwealth forces fighting in Europe. Nominally the campaign represents the Canadian drive on Caen and the US drive on St Lo. It is a version of the Race for … X Campaign.

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“Race for … X” Crossfire Campaign

A Race for … X mini-campaign can be used anywhere where two friendly forces are competing to reach the same objective – the “X” of the title. The campaign mechanisms are based on some work by Martin Rapier as modified by Huda (2003). I have tried to make it more generic than either of the originals, and also show how to apply the mechanisms in Crossfire.

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