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Cold War Commander is one of a series of wargaming rule sets from Specialist Military Publishing (the other two are Blitzkrieg Commander and Future Commander). The entire series are based on Warmaster, hence are similar to Warmaster Historical, and are very similar to each other.

2015 Confessions of a Megalomaniac Wargamer and Amateur Historian


One of the things that really impresses me about Paul Ward of Matakishi’s Tea House is his focus. He chooses a new project, plans the project, does the project, finishes it, and moves on.

I’m a bit more scatter gun myself despite the fact that at work I encourage teams to limit work in progress. I start with a focus and get a lot done but then often wander off on a tangent when something else comes up that sparks my interest. I let myself do that because this is my hobby, not my job. A hobby shouldn’t really

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Portuguese Army List for Cold War Commander

I’m thinking of using Cold War Commander for the Portuguese Colonial War but the rules don’t have a Portuguese Army List. So I wrote my own. It is based on my Portuguese Order of Battle. I’ve adopted the updated army list format of Blitzkrieg Commander (2009) with AT and AP being separate and a CA column.

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What wargaming rules to use for the Portuguese Colonial War

Of course I’m interested in wargaming the Portuguese Colonial War. The question is what rules?

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