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De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) are “Wargames Rules for Ancient and Medieval Battle 3000 BC to 1500 AD”. DBM is part of the DBx family of rules. I was keen on DBM for years but have been unkeen on it for nearly as long now. I realised DBM was actually a rather poor simulation of two of the periods I’m particularly interested in: the Punic Wars and 100 Years War. I lost enthusiasm for DBM before I started on this website in 2001 – which explains why there is not much material on it. I’ve never even looked at DBMM because my DBM experience really put me off. All the new breed of rules would really have to disappoint me before I’d take a look.

Jim Esler – Meet the Aztecs

Codex Mendoza - Rank 3 Warrior with captive - Three Captive - Papalotl

Back in 2003 I was inspired by an article by Jim Esler called “Meet the Aztecs”. Jim offers an informed critique of the then WRG, primarily DBM and DBA, army lists for the Aztecs. Since then both DBM and Jim’s page has disappeared. I thought I’d pull Jim’s article back from the WayBackMachine and make it more easily accessible for the community. All words are Jim Esler’s; I have modified the formatting a tiny bit. Thanks to Ethan for finding the article.

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What DBA Troop Type are Sea People Warriors?


In DBA 2.2 the Sea People warriors are classified as Blades. I’m not sure that is right. Truth to tell I’m not sure it is wrong either. But I do think it worth poking a stick at.

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Who Were the Gardingi in Visigothic Spain? And were they armoured?

DBx and FOG are wrong. The gardingi were personal military retainers of the Visigothic king. They were wealthy and led their own retainers into battle. Given they were wealthy, and a military elite, they probably fought mounted. And in an army where even some slaves wore armour, it is beyond belief that these palatine officials were unarmoured.

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What DBA Troop Type are New Kingdom Egyptian and Hittite Close Fighters?

What DBA Troop Type are New Kingdom Egyptian Close Fighters and Hittite Empire Spearmen? Not what DBA v2.2 says. This seems another example, like Viking versus Saxon, where two armies had the same types of troops and DBA classifies them differently.

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What Wargaming Rules to use for the Fall of Rome and Dark Ages?

What wargaming rules to use for the Fall of Rome and the Barbarian Kingdoms? I’ve considered DBA, HOTT, FOG, and Commititus.

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What Wargaming Rules to use for the Macedonian and Punic Wars?

The Carthaginians were my first wargames army as an adult – I inherited and expanded my father’s 1/72 scale converted Airfix army. They are long gone but now I have a beautiful set of Carthaginian, Roman and Spanish armies in 15 mm for the Punic Wars. As it happens, I also have some their Macedonian contemporaries … Seleucid.

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Reconquista Wargaming Project

I’m rather fond of the Reconquista so have a bunch of armies. I don’t play so much now, mostly for the lack of a large scale set of rules that I like.

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Rules for a DBM wargames campaign

Rules for a simple campaign for 3 or more players using the Wargames Research Group rules De Bellis Multitudinus (DBM). If desired, a campaign can be played to a conclusion in a few months. It closely follows the campaign rules given in De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA).

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DBM at Condensed Scale (100 AP)

This is my version of the condensed scale DBM adapted from the rules proposed by Jeff Bolton ( The rules are intended for armies of about 100 AP. Use the standard DBM rules unless otherwise noted.

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Bagradas River – A DBM Campaign in Iberia

This campaign provides some context to a DBM battle set in Spain (Iberia) during the Second Punic War. The main protagonists are the Romans and Carthaginians, however, Iberian levies feature as well.

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