James’s Wessex Saxons for Britannia 600 AD

For the Big Day of the Britannia 600 AD Campaign James Falkus chose Wessex Saxons. James went for a fairly straight army. Not quite the DBA official list, but fairly authentic.

All figures are from Essex. Painting by James.

Realistic Troops of the DBA Army (DBA III/24a)

DBA. III/24a. Middle Anglo-Saxon. 617AD-700AD

Official: 1x4Wb (Gen), 1x4Wb, 6x4Sp, 2x4Sp or 7Hd, 1x2Ps, 1x3Cv or 4Wb; Arable

James took Hordes and more Cavalry in place of half the Spears.

Wessex Army

1-3 x 4Wb (Gen) (Warband) – Hird

James took 2 elements. In the Britannia 600 campaign we counted these as Blades for reasons explained on the Army Lists page.

Wessex Hird

6 or 8 4Sp (Spears) – Select Fyrd

James went for less Spears (4) and bulked them out with Hordes.

Wessex Fyrd

2 x 7Hd (Hordes) – Great Fyrd

As mentioned above James fielded Hordes in place of some of his Spear. In fact he took 5 elements.

Wessex Hordes

0 or 1 x 3Cv (Riders) – Mounted Hird

James went for two rather than one.

Wessex Cavalry

1 x 2Ps (Shooters) – Archers

James based his Shooters as 4Bw rather than 2Ps, which is fair enough for HOTT, and took two elements.

Wessex Archers

Camp / Stronghold

James painted up Alfred (a Wessex man of course) burning the cakes. But he got the measurements wrong and the base was quite large. Because of that we didn’t use it on the table and didn’t take a photo. Maybe next time.

Fantastical Elements for HOTT

James took probably the least number of HOTT options. One Cleric stand – a nice tableaux of a blessing before battle.

Cleric: The blessing

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