Steven’s Strathclyde Welsh (Northern Cymry) for Britannia 600 AD

For the Big Day of the Britannia 600 AD Campaign I (Steven Thomas) chose Strathclyde Welsh; Welsh because of my heritage and Strathclyde to remind people that all of Britain was once Welsh.

The starting point for my army was the Sub-Roman British DBA list but I supplemented this with fantastical elements for HOTT – just in case.

Most figures are Essex Miniatures, although Donnington, Museum, Falcon Miniatures (UK), all appear. Most figures were painted by me (Steven Thomas) – the exceptions are noted below.

Realistic Troops of the DBA Army (DBA II/81d)

Despite the fact that Britannia 600 campaign is semi-historical and allows HOTT elements, I fielded the pure DBA army during the game.

DBA. II/81d. Sub-Roman British. 407 AD – 945 AD

Official: 1x3CV (Gen), 2x3Cv, 1x4Sp or 2LH, 7x4Sp, 1x2Ps

Strathclyde Army

3 x 3Cv (Rider) – Cavalry

Normally the general would be with the cavalry, but I ran out of time to paint the base. Ross Pirie painted all of these for the Late Imperial Roman army I inherited from him. .

Strathclyde Cavalry

7 or 8 x 4Sp (Spear) – Pedyt including General.

The general was with my foot only because I ran out of time to paint the mounted version.

Strathclyde Pedyt

0 or 1 x 2LH (Rider) – Light Cavalry or Ponies

Strathclyde Light Horse

1 x 2Ps (Shooter) – Archers

Actually these guys are from my Alan army. I pulled them out of my dark age box fairly randomly.

Strathclyde Archer

Camp = Spiritual Stronghold

I’m particularly fond of this one. Dark Age battles frequently featured massed praying monks, so I thought I’d use this as my camp/stronghold. There are 27 monks on a 3″x3″ base.

Spiritual Stronghold

Rear view

The four figures at the back are removable and represent the camp followers demanded by DBA

Fantastical Elements for HOTT

Although I only used the standard DBA army on the day, I had to get a few HOTT options … just in case. Heros, Clerics, and Hordes are my favoured HOTT troop types, but I also added a few options: Beasts, Flyer, Magician, Sneaker, and Lurker. A Behemoth is unlikely to appear unless I find a nice giant man or giant boar figure to use. I’ve never used Dragons in HOTT so I’m unlikely to start now. The same was true for Gods, until Chris gave me an appropriate figure.

Hero: Arthur etc
(The figure is from Donnington and the horse from Essex.)

Hero: Arthur etc

Hero: Champion on foot
(Painted by Ross Pirie; Figure is from Donnington)

Magician (1): Court Wizard

Magician (2): Necromancer

Magician (3): The Bishop
(Figures and altar are from Donnington)

Beasts: Wolves
(Probably from Peter Pig)

Beasts: Wolves

Beasts x 2: Cattle
(Hmmm, I think the figures are from Donnington)

Beasts: War Dogs

Beasts: War Dogs

Beasts: Sheep
This is a Welsh army after all.
(I think they’re from Donnington)

Sneaker: Peddler

Sneaker: Assassin
(Musuem Minatures)

Cleric: The Friars
(Chap at the front is from Donnington)

Lurker (1): Ambush Party

Lurker (2): Ambush Party

Flyer: Levitating Monk
Cleric: Hermit up a pole
(Carpet is scratch built – flash, I am.)

Strathclyde Hordes

Note on flocking

All my existing ancients and medieval armies are related to my interested in Spanish and Portuguese Military History. To allow my “Welsh” figures to do double duty as Hispano-Roman from the same period, I’ll be using the same Flocking Style as I have adopted for those Luso-Spanish armies. I confess this is more sun-bleached than you’d expect in northern England and southern Scotland, but I’m willing to sacrifice that aesthetic point for future compatibility.

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