Rich’s Powys Welsh (Western Cymry) for Britannia 600 AD

For the Big Day of the Britannia 600 AD Campaign Rich Wilcox chose army of his wife’s homeland, Wales. Rich was the first to get the bug for Britannia 600 campaign. He painted up a historical army, but was also the one to find the reference to the Giant of Snowdon, a character that subsequently joined his ranks.

Figures are from Essex. Painting by Rich.

Realistic Troops of the DBA Army (DBA II/81d)

Rich abandoned his archer and took more spears.

DBA. II/81d. Sub-Roman British. 407 AD – 945 AD

Official: 1x3CV (Gen), 2x3Cv, 1x4Sp or 2LH, 7x4Sp, 1x2Ps

I didn’t take a photo of the DBA army.

3x3Cv (Rider) (Gen) – Cavalry

Powys Cavalry

7 or 8 x 4Sp (Spear) – Pedyt

Rich painted up 10 stands, but cheated a wee bit and based his Spears as 3Sp not 4Sp. I can’t remember how many he fielded in his army.

Powys Pedyt

1x2LH (Rider) – Light Cavalry or Ponies

Didn’t take them.

1 x 2Ps (Shooters) – Archers

Didn’t field them on the day, and in fact, he lent them to Mercia. But if he had they’d look something like…

Powys Archer

Camp / Stronghold

Rich, unfortunately, left his painted Stronghold at home with the pasta salad.

He did bring along an unpainted version of the same model, which was used in a couple of games. It is a nicely done commercial model of a ruined tower. The photo is of the Irish attacking the Wessex men.

Battle between Wessex versus Irish
Rich’s tour in background

Fantastical Elements for HOTT

This was Rich’s full array.

All of the fantastical elements are worth mentioning. Nice Giant, if a tad new romantic. Nice flag accompanying the general. And nice Cleric stand – this highlighted the kinship with the Welsh of Strathclyde who used the Cross of St David as their markers on the campaign map.

Behemoth: Giant from Snowdon

Hero General or Rider General

Cleric: Escorting the Cross of St David

Cleric: Escorting the Cross of St David

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