John’s Mercian Saxons (aka Lords of the March) for Britannia 600 AD

For the Big Day of the Britannia 600 AD Campaign John Mclennan chose Mercian. Or more accurately Mercians were the only option left when John chose.

John was the most efficient of the players. He bought the basis of his army from ebay. He did add a few items, e.g. the camp and possibly other elements (Hero and/or God??) and did the basing.

All foot figures appear to be Essex. Not sure about cavalry. Tents are from Baueda Wargames supplied by em4 Miniatures. Painter is unknown, except as mentioned below. Basing by John Mclennan.

Realistic Troops of the DBA Army (DBA III/24a)

John fielded the official DBA army with one minor tweak – where given the choice of 1x3Cv or 4Wb he took both, and lost a Spear unit to compensate. He also had to borrow the archer stand.

DBA. III/24a. Middle Anglo-Saxon. 617AD-700AD

Official: 1x4Wb (Gen), 1x4Wb, 6x4Sp, 2x4Sp or 7Hd, 1x2Ps, 1x3Cv or 4Wb; Arable

Mercian Army

1-3 x 4Wb (Gen) (Warband) – Hird

Unlike others in the campaign John elected to use the Hird as Warband, and he took the full complement.

Mercian Hird

6 or 8x4Sp (Spears): Select Fyrd

Actually John only fielded 7 Spear elements for the campaign. .

Mercian Fyrd

0 or 2 x 7Hd (Hordes) – Great Fyrd

Didn’t take them.

0 or 1 x 3Cv (Riders) – Mounted Hird

Sorry John, I didn’t notice the bent spear on – should have straightened it up during the photo shoot.

Mercian Cavalry

1 x 2Ps (Shooters) – Archers

John was short of a stand of archers, and borrowed one from the King of Powys so these boys were painted by Rich Wilcox.

Welsh Shooter

Camp / Stronghold

These are Anglo-Saxon Geteld from Baueda Wargames supplied by em4 Miniatures.

Mercian Camp

Fantastical Elements for HOTT

John didn’t field these, but had them on hand just in case. I particularly like the Twin Brothers as a God.


God: The Twin Brothers Hengest and Horsa


Riders, more of them

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