Mike’s Northumbrian Saxons (aka North Angles) for Britannia 600 AD

For the Big Day of the Britannia 600 AD Campaign Mike Lowery chose the army of his homeland, Northumbria. With time short, and having avoided paint brushes for 10 years, Mike decided to paint the minimum number of figures necessary. This meant he was short an element of Spears relative to the official DBA list; instead he took more shooters and a Hero.

All figures are from Essex and were painted by Mike.

Realistic Troops of the DBA Army (DBA III/24a)

DBA. III/24a. Middle Anglo-Saxon. 617AD-700AD

Official: 1x4Wb (Gen), 1x4Wb, 6x4Sp, 2x4Sp or 7Hd, 1x2Ps, 1x3Cv or 4Wb; Arable

Aside from the missing Spear element already mentioned, I also managed to leave out out the 2 x
7Hd from the battle array. Mike does have them … they’re in the HOTT section.

Northumbrian Army

1-3 x 4Wb (Gen) (Warband) – Hird

Mike took 2 elements of Hird. In the Britannia 600 campaign we counted these as Blades for reasons explained on the Army Lists page. Notice the Northumbrian colours of the flag.

Northumbrian Hird

6 or 8 x 4Sp (Spears) – Select Fyrd

Mike only fielded 5 Spear elements for the campaign.

Northumbrian Fyrd

0 or 2 x 7Hd (Hordes) – Great Fyrd

Mike painted up four horde stands.

Northumbrian Hordes

0 or 1 x 3Cv (Riders) – Mounted Hird

Northumbrian Cavalry

1 x 2Ps (Shooters) – Archers

Northumbrian Archers

Camp / Stronghold

Mike didn’t get time to do the Camp / Stronghold

Fantastical Elements for HOTT

This is the army Mike actually fielded at the start of the Britannia 600 campaign. Notice the extra Archer stand and the Hero.

Northumbrian HOTT Army

Mike’s HOTT options were:

Notice the Northumbrian colours on the left hand shield.



Shooters, lots of them

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