Liberators Scenarios I’d Like To Play

I was talking to John Fletcher and he mentioned most people who play Liberators choose the 1817-18 campaign, like I did. So I’m determined to refight other battles, hopefully all of them eventually. But to start with here is a catalogue of the scenarios.

Here are all the Liberators scenarios I know about. The links are to scenarios, or scenario notes, on my site. Books have the normal book reference although in reality these are the three books by John Fletcher – War in the South (2005); Supplement for War in the South (2006); Adventures of the British & Irish (2011).

Battle Date Scenario found at/in Played with
Battle of Huaqui 20 Jun 1811 Fletcher (2005)
Battle of Tucuman 23 September 1812 Fletcher (2005)
Liberators HOTT
Liberators HOTT
Alternative Battle of Tucuman 23 September 1812 Liberators HOTT Liberators HOTT
Battle of Salta 20 February 1813 Fletcher (2005)
Battle of Vilcapugio 1 October 1813 Fletcher (2005)
Battle of Ayohuma 14 November 1813 Fletcher (2005)
Alternative Batte of Rancagua 1 October 1814 Fletcher (2006)
Battle of Sipe Sipe 29 November 1815 Fletcher (2005)
Battle of Chacabuco 12 February 1817 Fletcher (2005)
Alternative Battle of Chacabuco 13 February 1817 Fletcher (2006)
March Attack
Liberators HOTT
Liberators QPR
Liberators HOTT
Liberators QPR +1
March Attack
Battle of Gavilan 5 May 1817 Fletcher (n.d.) Gavilan
Liberators HOTT
Liberators QPR
Liberators HOTT
Liberators QPR
Assault on Talchuano 6 December 1817 Fletcher (2005)
Battle of Cancha Rayada 19 March 1818 Fletcher (2005)
Liberators QPR
Liberators QPR
Battle of Maipo 5 April 1818 Fletcher (2005)
Liberators QPR
Liberators HOTT
Liberators QPR
Portable Wargame
Battle of Gamarra 27 March 1819 Fletcher (2011)
“What If” Storming Fort San Juan 19 April 1819 Fletcher (2011)
Battle of Portobela 30 April 1819 Fletcher (2011)
Battle of Pantano de Yargas 25 July 1819 Fletcher (2011)
Storming of Agua Santa 7 August 1819 Fletcher (2011)
“What If” The Full Macregor 8 August 1819 Fletcher (2011)
“What If” Assault on Cumana 8 August 1819 Fletcher (2011)
Riohacha 5 October 1819 Fletcher (2011)
“What If” Battle of Turbaco November 1819 Fletcher (2011)
Battle of Bomona (Rifle’s Flank Attack) 7 April 1822 Fletcher (2011)
Combat of La Plata 28 April 1820 Fletcher (2011)
Battle of Laguna Salada 25 May 1820 Fletcher (2011)
Battle of Pitayo 6 June 1820 Fletcher (2011)
“What If” Battle of Lima 10 September 1821 Fletcher (2006)
2nd Battle of Huachi 12 September 1821 Fletcher (2011)
Battle of Ica 7 April 1822 Fletcher (2006)
Battle of Torata 19 January 1823 Fletcher (2005)
Battle of Moquegua 21 January 1823 Fletcher (2005)
Battle of Zepita 25 August 1823 Fletcher (2006)
Combats of Puquillihue and Bellavista 14 January 1826 Fletcher (2006)


Fletcher, J, (n.d.) The Battle of Gavilan – May 5, 1817. Grenadier Productions. [Available on-line at Liberators 1810-1830 Yahoo Discussion Forum in the Files page.]

Fletcher, J. (2005). Liberators! Volume 1: The War in the South. Grenadier Productions.

Fletcher, J. (2006). Liberators! Supplement 1: The War in the South. Grenadier Productions.

Fletcher, J. (2011). Adventures of the British & Irish Legions in South America 1817-1824: Gamers guide and sourcebook. Grenadier Productions.

4 thoughts on “Liberators Scenarios I’d Like To Play”

  1. That’s a really helpful list, mostly battles in the South, apart from the Battle of Pantano de Varga, which was in New Granada/Colombia, and was the prelude to the Battle of Boyaca. If you are interested, there are maps, orders of battle, and description of the actions for the following battles of the Northern Campaigns of Simon Bolivar in Ben Hughes’ excellent book on the British Legion “Conquer or Die”. There are descriptions and OOB’s of many other battles as well, but without maps, especially the later campaigns and final battles in Peru.

    The battles are as follows:
    The Battle of Calabozo – 12th February 1818
    The Battle of Sombrero – 16th February 1818
    The Battle of Semen – 17th March 1818
    The Battle of Pantano de Vargas (Vargas Swamp) – 25th July 1819
    The Battle of Boyaca – 7th August 1819
    The Battle of Carabobo – 24th June 1821

    Hopefully John Fletcher will bring out his much awaited book on the Northern Campaigns soon,

    Best regards,


    • I’ve got “Conquer or Die”. A great read. Like you I’ll be very happy to see John’s Northern book. It would make wargaming the north so much simpler.

  2. I’ve played Huaqui, Tucuman, Salta, Vilcapugio, Chacabuco and Maipo from that list. I’ve also tried Pichincha and Araure, but the information I had was limited, so I have no real idea how close to the actual battles my games were. I enjoyed them, though 🙂 At some stage I am going to try some of the actions in ‘Conquer or Die’, since they look pretty simple to set up.

    In terms of rules I’ve used Principle of War (didn’t really work for any of the games I played), Rocket’s Red Glare (which worked OK) and my own Liberated Hordes HOTT variant (which has become my ‘standard’ set). I can see Black Powder working OK as well, even for the smaller battles but haven’t tried it yet.

    • Thanks for sharing Captain. I also find my HOTT variant the best all round set. Mind you fast play is a big plus for me.


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