Alternative Chacabuco – A March Attack Scenario

The Liberators supplement (Fletcher, 2006, p. 10-11) has an Alternative Chacabuco scenario. These are my notes for playing the scenario with the March Attack. See also the Battle Report.


Setting: Chacabuco Farm, Chile; 13 Feb 1817

This scenario poses a What-if. The premise is that after crossing the Andes from Argentina, the patriot army advances more cautiously giving the royalists time to bring up reinforcements from Santiago.


  • Use the map in the published scenario.
  • You’ll have change the ground scale of the rules (1 inch = 60 yards) to match the map (1 inch = 40 yards)
  • Talhuilaca Hill is steep and has two levels
  • Los Tauretes Hill is steep with only one level
  • The small hill is gentle with one level.
  • The fields all count as rough ground.
  • The vineyard is an orchard
  • The farm is a light BUA.

Pre-game preparation


Royalist Player (Defending)

Deploys first and takes second turn.


Defeat the Patriots and hold the Chacabuco farm.

Forces Available

Royalist Order of Battle

  • Mariscal del Pont T / N
  • Talavera Regiment V 6 s
  • Chiloe Regiment R 6
  • Valdivia Regiment R 3 Sk
  • Chillan Regiment R 6 s
  • Frontier Dragoons R 3 M
  • Frontier Dragoons R 3 M
  • Carabineros de Abascal C 2 M
  • Concordia Hussars C 2 L
  • Concordia Hussars C 2 L
  • Artillery 4 x 4 lbrs C 2 L
  • Artillery 4 x 4 lbrs C 2 L
  • Artillery 4 x 4 lbrs C 2 L
  • Artillery 4 x 4 lbrs C 2 L


Deploys first behind the red line on the map.



Patriot Player (Attacking)

Deploys second and takes first turn.


Defeat the Royalists and/or capture the Chacabuco farm.

Forces Available

The Patriots have two divisions.

Patriot Order of Battle

  • General San Martin G / N; sets up 2nd
  • Soler’s Division
    • 11th Regiment R 6 s
    • Cazadores de los Andes R 5 Sk
    • Cazadore and Grenadier R 5 S
    • Granaderos a Caballo V 3 M
    • Cazadores a Caballo V 3 L
    • Artillery 7 x 4lbrs R 4 L
  • O’Higgins’s Division
    • General O’Higgins P / C
    • 7th Regiment R 5
    • 8th Regiment R 5
    • Granaderos a Caballo V 3 M
    • Granaderos a Caballo V 3 M
    • Granaderos a Caballo V 3 M


Deploys second. The divisions must deploy in their respective deployment zones. San Martin can deploy in either division.



Victory Conditions

Normal March Attack victory based on Major Formation and Army Morale.

Scenario Special Rules

The scenario uses a ground scale of 1 inch is 40 yards. March Attack assumes 1 inch is 60 yards. So I increased all distances (ranges and movement) by 50% (rounded up). For example, Engagement distance is normally 9 inches but I made it 14 inches.

My Liberators cavalry are based as single stand squadrons but March Attack has two stand regiments. I could have combined the squadrons into two stand units but instead chose to run them as single stand units in Line.

For this game I ignored the skirmisher rules of March Attack. Needs a bit more thought.


  • The Orders of Battle retain the “Sk” and “s” annotations for skirmish capability of the original army lists. This is until I figure out what to do with skirmishers in March Attack.


Fletcher, J. (2006). Liberators! Supplement 1: The War in the South. Grenadier Productions.

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