Bessonov – Tank Rider “Mount the Tanks!”

Bessonov is one of many memoirs coming out of the former Soviet Union. Evgeni Bessonov was a young Russian officer in a Tank Rider unit during World War II. In two years of fighting he led his unit from the Orel Offensive (Aug 1943) to Berlin. Bessonov (2003) is his own account of those years. I found it one of the better memoirs. It is a good read and I enjoyed in insight into the life of tank rider.

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Krasny Bor Campaign: Phase 1 – Break the line

Krasny Bor Campaign - Phase 1 Tables

Phase 1 of the Krasny Bor Campaign is the Soviet attempt to breakthrough the Spanish Front Line troops and get as many troops as possible into the Spanish rear for use in Phase 2. It starts at 08.00 hours and is fought on the Front tables.

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Rhine Crossing ala Rapid Fire – A Crossfire Scenario

Table Rhine Crossing

This Crossfire scenario is based on the Rhine Crossing scenario by Durston (1996) although I converted it from Rapid Fire to Crossfire. Since then I have discovered serious historical flaws in the scenario. It might work as a game but the historical bugs annoyed me so I started playing with a couple of alternatives:

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Arnhem 17-25 Sep 1944

In the English speaking world at least, Arnhem is one of the defining battles of World War II. Vince Lody from the Shed ran a multi-player Crossfire game based on the last stand of the Paras at Arnhem. A last stand poses certain challenges for a scenario designer, i.e. you know the defender has to lose, so I wondered what other aspects of the battle would make for interesting gaming. I’ve sketched out the course of the battle and outlined what I think might make interesting scenarios.

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