Rules a Crossfire Novice Might Miss

Ian Hayward highlighted, to the Crossfire Discussion Forum, some rules he missed during his first couple of games of Crossfire. I thought it worth reproducing as other newbies might benefit from knowing what to look for.

Hello All!

We have just been playing our second serious Crossfire game (“Scottish Corridor” from “Hit the Dirt”), and we are getting to know the rules. We had a few rules questions during the game, so afterwards I decided to reread the whole of the rulebook to try to find out any rules we were playing incorrectly or rules that I had not “noticed” before. I thought that some of you other newcomers might find my notes interesting.

1 To claim a flank or rear shot on a vehicle the firer must be behind an imaginary straight line extending sideways to both sides from the back of the vehicle

2 A squad may not move through a gap between two terrain features if it’s stand won’t fit through the gap; instead it must enter one of the features

3 ALL hidden squads in a terrain feature are revealed when any one of them is detected.

4 If a hidden non-German squad moves and is revealed, then its PC is revealed too.

5 Reactive fire is always optional, even during a fire action at a group move (i.e. You can stop firing part way through the group move)

6 PC, BC, CC, FO can be targeted by phasing fire if they are the closest target in the open (you don’t have to fire at the nearest squad).

7 If a tank or AT gun can fire at a vehicle it must do so rather than fire at a closer infantry target.

8 You cannot firegroup/crossfire a target behind you, unless you are a non-HMG squad in a building.

9 You CAN ground hug inside a terrain feature that offers limited protection to increase the level of protection.

10 You get a +1 mod on rallying if no enemy SQUAD is in LOS (commanders don’t count, nor do vehicles(!))

Please let me know if there are any errors in the way I have stated the above rules.

Please note too that the rules are bog-standard Crossfire.

Some other stuff

Section 6.6 says Friendly squads block fire but Commanders do not. Ambiguous on FO, but probably treated like Commanders.

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  1. I don’t know is this the right place…
    But… How do you count BC and Btn support units points? Orders of battle just shows points per Company. Is there guide somewhere, which shows how to build a fighting force in Crossfire?


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