15mm Wargaming Figures to use for Conquistators, Aztecs and Maya

I’ve seen few of these figures so this page is largely based catalogues and on comments from the Meet the Aztecs web page by Jim Esler. Jim’s web page went through the figures figure code by figure code, but I wanted them sorted by the use of the figure.


All these manufacturers do 15mm Aztec figures:

Essex Miniatures

Recently released a range of Aztecs. In general I like Essex figures; good quality at a reasonable price. The Aztec range includes a variety of figures in every pack. They also have late Italian Wars Spanish which could be used for Conquistadors, but I’m not so keen on these – check out Gladiator instead.

Falcon Figures (UK)

Taken over by the US distributor the Quartermaster.

Gladiator Games

Chunky figures, but I happily mix them with the above. Also have a Spanish range to match.

Now sold by Black Hat.

David Kuijt uses Gladiator figures on for his Aztec and Enemies: DBA 105 Army and Variants. David illustrates both the Aztecs and Texcalans.

Miniature Figurines

I avoid Minifigs as they tend to be tall and skinny compared to Essex. But they have a complete range of Aztecs and Texcalans.

Naismith Design

I wasn’t really familiar with this manufacturer, but they have a complete range including Aztecs, Texcalans, Mayan, Conquistador, and Inca. Then I purchased a painted Aztec army on ebay.

Now sold by Naismith and Roundway

Tin Solider (UK)

They’re an Australian outfit, but the link is to the UK distributor. I’m not so keen on them as their figures make Gladiator figures look slim. They also do conquistadors.

Khurasan Miniatures

They have a great Conquistador range (called “Ren. Spanish” or “Colonial Spanish”) and Chichimec range. And for South America they have an excellent Mapuche range.


They have three South American ranges to face the conquistators: Inca, Mapuche, and Canari. All look very good, if with poses that look a little static.

Aztec Ranges

Aztecs are the most popular.

Shields and Backbanners

  • Gladiator casts figures with a choice of shields. Based on the shields in the Codex Mendoza, choose only those shields with feather fringes for the military orders.
  • Essex have an Aztec shield pack (AZ18)
  • In the Essex range only the “Standard Bearers” have backbanners.
  • Gladiator sells a separate backbanner pack (AZ19) which you can use to vary the look of the army. You can use these backbanners on some of the Huaxtec figures from Falcon listed below. In a few cases mentioned below, certain specific banners were used to help create specific troop types.
    • Quaxolatl (umbrella) backbanner.
    • Citlalpamitl (star) backbanner
    • Papalotl (butterfly) backbanner
    • Xopilli (clawback) backbanner

Aztec Generals and command figures

Essex AZ17 Command pack

4 Generals/Foot Officers, 2 musicians

Falcon MXA1 – Command

This pack has a nice standard bearer which is based on Plate A2 Mexica General (Pohl, 1991). Other parts of the pack are mentioned below.

Gladiator AZ1 – Command

This pack contains some nicely detailed figures.

  • A general figure like Plate A1 Mexica Emperor (Pohl, 1991).
  • A standard bearer similar to Plate A2 Mexica General (Pohl, 1991).
  • An ’emperor’ figure with cloak.
  • Two musicians blowing conch shell trumpets.


Contains one each of the following: Chosen Speaker, Chief of men, Arrow Knight captain, Eagle Knight captain, Jaguar Knight captain, Quachic captain

Naismith Designs / Navwar

Cuachicqueh Military Order


  • AZ1 Cuachic, war-suit, sword and shield
  • AZ1a Cuachic, war-suit, sword, javelin and shield
  • AZ2 Cuachic, war-suit, standard bearer (4 per pack)
  • AZ3 Cuachic, breechclout, sword and shield
  • AZ3a Cuachic, breechclout, sword, javelin and shield

Heath (1999) shows a Cuachic in breechclout but otherwise I’ve only seen war-suit wearer. Heath goes on to say that the Meso-American’s, like their North American peers, viewed less as more in the arena of military attire, i.e. brave men wore less – fits in with the Cuachic ethos given their alternative name of Momiccatlcani (“They who hurl themselves to death”).

Falcon MXA3 – Quachchic (cuahchicqueh)

This figure is based on Plate C1 Mexica Cuahchic (Pohl, 1991). It comes with the proper citlalpamitl (star backbanner) already attached. Although the pose of this figure is somewhat static it paints up well. Colours and shield pattern are as per Plate C1.

Gladiator AZ13 – Quachic (cuahchicqueh) Veterans with Spear and Shield

Three different poses to mix with the Falcon cuahchicqueh. You have to sort through the backbanner packs for the appropriate citlalpamitl backbanner.

Tin Soldier AZAll QUACHIC CAPTAIN (6).

Naismith Designs / Navwar
A09 Quachic Veteran In Battle Suit

Otontin Military Order

Falcon MXA11 – Fanatic warrior (Ottomi)

Falcon MXA3 – Quachchic (cuahchicqueh)

Although a Cuachic figure, hence with a mohawk, Meet the Aztecs also uses this figure for Otontin.

Gladiator AZ9 – Arrow Knight with Two-handed Sword

Although a military order called Arrow Knights did not exist, this figure in conjunction with a xopilli (clawback backbanner), can be used for an Otontin.

Eagle Military Order

Essex AZ6 Eagle Warrior, sword and shield (6 per pack)
Essex AZ6a Eagle Warrior, sword, javelin and shield (6 per pack)

Falcon MXA10 – Eagle Knight

Gladiator AZ2 – Eagle Knight with Sword

There are three different poses in each package, and these give enough variety for several elements.

Tin Soldier AZA4 Eagle Knight.
Tin Soldier AZA5 Eagle Knight Captain (6).

Naismith Designs / Navwar
A02 Eagle Knight Advancing

Jaguar Military Order

Essex AZ4 Jaguar warriors, sword and shield
Essex AZ4a Jaguar warriors, sword, javelin and shield
Essex AZ5 Jaguar warriors, standard bearer (4 per pack)

Falcon MXA4 – Triple Alliance jaguar fighter
Falcon MXA19 – Jaguar Knight

Gladiator AZ5 – Jaguar Knight with Sword

There are three different poses in each package, and these give enough variety for several elements.

Tin Soldier AZA6 Jaguar Knight.
Tin Soldier AZA7 Jaguar Knight Captain (6).

Naismith Designs / Navwar
A03 Jaguar Knight Striking
A04 Officer- Puma Helmet-Back Banner

Other Suit Wearers

Captains (i.e. veteran warriors) and Warrior Priests formed the remaining suit wearers. Captains should be mixed with their men, including both the Military Orders and Clan Warriors. It is unlikely that priests fought as separate units, so should probably also be mixed through the other elements.

Sundry packs which I couldn’t classify without seeing them:

Essex AZ7 Suit Wearers, assorted weapons, shield
Essex AZ7a Suit Wearers, assorted weapons, javelins, shield

Tin Soldier AZA8 Arrow Knight.
Tin Soldier AZA9 Arrow Knight Captain (6).

Naismith Designs / Navwar
A06 Arrow Knight-Two Handed Sword
A10 Officer-Cylindrical Helmet/ Banner
A16 Arrow Knight

Captain in a full bodysuit with a quaxolatl (umbrella backbanner)

Falcon MXA1 – Command

Aside from the Standard Bearer mentioned above, this pack has a very nice figure in a full bodysuit and a quaxolatl (umbrella backbanner).

Coyote Warrior

Falcon MXA6 – Huexotzingan Warrior

This is based on Plate E1 Huexotzingan Warrior (Pohl, 1991). Useful for Texcalans.

Naismith Designs / Navwar
A05 Warrior-Coyote Helmet


Falcon MXA9 – Tlacochcalcatl

The figure already has a poorly sculpted pamitl backbanner, being a bit two-dimensional, but is fine to mix into military orders’ elements.

Three-captive Warrior

Gladiator AZ9 – Arrow Knight with Two-handed Sword

Although a military order called Arrow Knights did not exist, this figure can be used with the papalotl (butterfly backbanner) to make a three-captive warrior.

Huaxtec uniform (i.e. pointy hat)

Essex AZ8 Suit Wearers, pointed hat, sword and shield
Essex AZ8a Suit Wearers, pointed hat, sword, javelin and shield

Falcon MXA2 – Warrior Priest

Tin Soldier AZA3 Priest.

I’m guessing that these guys have a pointy hat, but they could be the blood soaked long hair chaps.

Macehualtin Clan Warriors


  • AZ9 Warrior, quilted jacket, breachclout, assorted weapons, shield
  • AZ9a Warrior, quilted jacket, breachclout, assorted weapons, javelin, shield
  • AZ10 Veteran Warriors (Tequihuahqueh), breachclout, sword & shield
  • AZ10a Veteran Warriors (Tequihuahqueh), breachclout, sword, javelin and shield
  • AZ11 Veteran Warriors (Tequihuahqueh), breachclout, sword and shield
  • AZ11a Veteran Warriors (Tequihuahqueh), breachclout, sword, javelin and shield
  • AZ12 Veteran Warriors – standard bearers, veteran warriors (4 per pack)
  • AZ13 Hordes – breachclout, assorted weapons
  • AZ15 Spearman, breechclout (shieldless)

Falcon Figures

  • MXA13 – Warrior, Dart Thrower
  • MXA15 – Warrior, Maquahuitl, Shield
  • MXA20 – Warrior, Maquahuitl, Shield
  • MXA21 – Warrior, Cotton Quilted Armour, Spear, Shield
  • MXA22 – Warrior, Standing, Spear, Shield

Some of these have a small buckler-type shield, while others are equipped with a larger shield fringed with feathers.

Gladiator AZ14 – Warrior Swordsmen with Shield

Includes a warrior wearing quilted cotton armour and wielding a club. .

Tin Soldier

  • AZA12 Apprentice Warrior.
  • AZA13 Otomi.
  • AZA14 Peasant with maquahuital.
  • AZAl5 Peasant with lance.

If you do want specifically Otomi tribesmen then they differed from the Mexica by having their hair clipped short (Duran, 1964, note 60).

Naismith Designs / Navwar

  • A01 Novice Warrior With Spear
  • A08 Warrior Throwing Dart
  • A11 Warrior Priest With Sword
  • A12 Warrior Throwing Spear
  • A13 Warrior With Two Handed Sword
  • A14 Warrior Quilted Tunic And Dart
  • A15 Warrior Quilted Tunic And Sword
  • A20 Peasant Levy Throwing Stone
  • A22 Warrior With Long Thrusting Spear

Archers and Slingers

Essex AZ14 Bowman, breechclout
Essex AZ16 Slingers, breechclout (shieldless)

Falcon MXA12 – Archers
Falcon MXA14 – Slinger
Falcon MXA23 – Archer firing, quilted cotton armor
Falcon MXA24 – Archer firing

Gladiator AZ18 – Archers

This pack contains three different poses, all are wearing quilted cotton armour.

Tin Soldier AZA16 Peasant Archer.
Tin Soldier AZA17 Peasant Slinger

Naismith Designs / Navwar

  • A07 Otomi With Sword & Bow
  • A18 Archer Kneeling Firing
  • A19 Slinger
  • A21 Otomi Slinger

Baggage / Porters

For baggage, use a mixture of:

Essex AZ19 Assorted youths with baggage (6 per pack)

Gladiator AZ37 Baggage bearers

Falcon MXA17 – Porters carrying baggage (6 figs)
Falcon MXA18 – Holy Relic carried on litter

This is a group of two porters carrying an idol on a litter. The Aztecs prized jade over gold, so Meet the Aztecs have the idol painted jade green.

Naismith Designs / Navwar
A17 Porter Carrying Load

Texcalan / Tlaxcalan Ranges

And very quickly …

Falcon MXA6 – Huexotzingan Warrior

The Texcalans favoured Coyote Knights. This figure is based on Plate E1 Huexotzingan Warrior (Pohl, 1991).

Falcon MXA7 – Tlaxcallan elite warrior

At least one of these chaps comes with a royal banner.

Falcon MXA8 – Tlaxcallan archer

Other archer figures are probably also suitable for example Falcon MXA23 has a head band so could be a Texcalan.


  • AZ 20 Tlaxcallan command
  • AZ 21 Tlaxcallan suit wearer swordsmen
  • AZ 22 Tlaxcallan suit wearer spearmen
  • AZ 23 Tlaxcallan archers
  • AZ 24 Tlaxcallan shield bearers
  • AZ 25 Tlaxcallan otomi mercenaries

The site Tlaxcalans in DBM had some beautiful shots of these figures; unfortunately the site disappeared. David Kuijt also uses nicely painted Gladiator figures for his DBA #105b Tarascan or Toltec-Chichimec 1168 AD – 1521 AD option.

Naismith Designs / Navwar

  • CQ20 Command Group
  • CQ21 Warrior Throwing Spear
  • CQ22 Warrior Firing Bow
  • CQ23 Warrior With Sling
  • CQ24 Warrior With Sword

Mixtec/Zapotec Ranges

Falcon has a warlord pack.


  • AZ 26 Mixtec command
  • AZ 27 Zapotec command
  • AZ 28 Warriors with atlatl and shield
  • AZ 29 Warriors with copper axe
  • AZ 30 Peasant slingers

Maya Ranges


  • AZ 31 Mayan command
  • AZ 32 Noble warriors, cloth armour and shield
  • AZ 33 Mayan swordsmen with shield
  • AZ 34 Mayan spearmen with shield
  • AZ 35 Mayan archers
  • AZ 36 Mayan slingers

Naismith Designs / Navwar

  • A30 Mayan Command Pack
  • A31 Mayan Peasant Slinger
  • A32 Mayan Peasant With Spear Attacking
  • A33 Warrior With Shield And Axe
  • A34 Warrior With Spear And Shield
  • A35 Warrior With Shield Throwing Spear
  • A36 Warrior With Spear Shield And Bow

Inca Ranges

Naismith Designs / Navwar

  • A41 Inca Command Pack
  • A42 Warrior Advancing-Halberd
  • A43 Elite Warrior, Spear & Shield
  • A44 Warrior – Spear & Shield
  • A45 Warrior – Sling & Shield
  • A46 Colla Warrior With Bollas & Shield
  • A47 Equadorian Warrior – Sword & Shield
  • A48 Warrior Throwing Javelin With Shield
  • A49 Archer
  • E7 Inca War Dog Group
  • E8 Inca Religious Group
  • E9 Inca On Litter With Bearers


Naismith Designs / Navwar

  • CQ1 Conquistador Officer
  • CQ2 Gentleman Adventurer With Sword
  • CQ3 Conquistador With Sword Charging
  • CQ4 Conquistador With Sword At Ready
  • CQ5 Arquebusier Firing
  • CQ6 Arquebusier Advancing
  • CQ7 Crossbowman Firing
  • CQ8 Crossbowman Standing
  • CQ9 Pikeman In Reserve
  • CQ10 Conquistador Lancer
  • CQ11 Mounted Conquistador With Sword
  • CQ12 Mounted Conquistador Lance/Shield
  • CQ13 Mounted Conquistador Lance/Shield At Rest
  • CQ14 Sword & Buckler Man Standing
  • CQ15 Sword & Buckler Man Attacking
  • CQ16 Conquistador Gun And Crew

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