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I got four wargaming boards from TMterrain

Wargaming Boards Flocked Side 3

My current wargaming boards/mats/cloths are a bit of hodgepodge, including about six different types of battle board/mats/clothes – none of which I’m happy with. I’m still looking for the perfect solution and also see a chance to rationalise on a consistent approach and colour scheme.

I wanted to try building some wargaming boards with a wooden frame but it all started looking too hard for a carpentry klutz likely myself. Luckily Simon Miller of the Big Red Bat Cave suggested I have look at some of David Marshall’s work at TMterrain. I ended up buying a table from David

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How to Use a Big Ruined Factory Feature For Crossfire?

WT Ruined Factory Front

I picked up a 15mm Ruined Factory feature from Wargames Tournaments. Perfect for snipers perched on an upper floor. The trouble is that Crossfire demands that building are made up of regular shaped building sectors. Mine are usually 3″ x 3″. So what should I do? How can I use that big feature in Crossfire?

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Making Field Features for Crossfire

Carpet Tile Plain Sand 50cm x 50cm

Fields are the cheapest and easiest terrain feature to make for a Crossfire game. All you need are carpet tiles and/or door mats from a DIY store.

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When are Soviet Fields In-Season or Out-of-Season in Crossfire?

Winter Wheat Growth Cycle

I was talking to Dick Bryant about my SU-76i in 1902nd SAP – A Crossfire Scenario. He’d noticed that is was quite hard to defend this terrain because the fields of fire were limited by the in-season fields. Dick suggested making the fields out-of-season. The question is, would Soviet fields actually be in-season or out-of-season in Aug-Sep?

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How to get an Anti-Tank Ditch on a Flat Table

Anti-Tank Ditch

Stephen Phenow sent through a picture of his Anti-Tank Ditch. I think it is fiendishly clever in it’s simplicity.

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Modelling a Crossfire Depression

Platoon enters depression

One of the common Terrain Types in Crossfire are “Depressions”. But my table top is flat so how do I simulate a depression on a flat table?

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15mm Shanty Town for the African Wars

15mm Shanty Town Sector

Another step forward in my Portuguese Colonial War project complements of ebay. I picked up a couple of “15mm Shanty Town” pieces.

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What to use for Crests in Crossfire

Crests as Low Hills

I’ve tried several variations on HTD Crests so I thought I’d share some of them.

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Making Wargaming Terrain: Streams

Homemade Streams 6 variety of shapes

I am experimenting with using my 6mm terrain with 15mm figures on a DBA/HOTT sized table. The trouble is I’ve only got a small collection of 6mm terrain and this is from old Military Miniatures range crafted by Mark Strachan. I like the terrain, and the paint job by Gordon Roach, but Military Miniatures morphed into BattleFront and they no longer sell this stuff. So I decided to supplement my collection by making my own.

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Making Wargaming Terrain: Styrofoam Hills

Maipo 223138 from Patriot side

I’ve been looking at making my own hills. Big hills to complement the smaller commercial hills I’ve already purchased. I knew I should use High Density Polystyrene which is otherwise called Blue or Pink Foam. But I was struggling to find that. Luckily, after a bit of googling, I found a good explanation of Styrofoam on Blue Foam, Pink Foam, Foamboard and Styrofoam.

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Crossfire Inside a Giant Stalingrad Factory

Germans at Stalingrad tractor plant

Some musing on playing Crossfire entirely inside a giant Stalingrad factory.

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Generic Building Sectors for Crossfire

Crossfire Generic Buildings 58 All Buildings

Most of my Crossfire buildings are generic 3″x3″ sectors of foam board on a cardboard base. Some are building complexes of more than one sector. And I’ve also done Triangular Blocks to give Diagonal Streets.

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Triangular Buildings for Diagonal Streets on a Wargaming Table

Crossfire Generic Buildings 65 Triangular Block 3x3

A while ago I played a Crossfire game called 2 Foot City. It was fought on a 2’x2′ cityscape. Since then I’ve played a few more games in heavily built up areas and they have all been on an assumed square grid. The trouble with a square grid is you only get streets that exactly fit the grid, i.e. vertical or horizontal, with no diagonals. Lately I’ve been wondering how to superimpose diagonal streets on my urban grid.

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Visibility in Crossfire with Different Terrain and Troop Profiles

In my musings on Desert Warfare using Crossfire I starting thinking about the possibility that different terrain and/or troops might be different heights. As it happens Blitzkrieg Commander implements this concept. Here is how it could work in Crossfire.

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Making Wargaming Terrain: Terrain Templates

Terrain is a key part of war and wargaming. I use terrain templates to define the perimeter of my area terrain features. The same templates are used for most terrain types, I just put different items on top to represent the type of feature, i.e. fruit trees make an orchard.

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