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Encountering a Christian Army in Legends of Al-Andalus

In Legends of Al-Andalus you might encounter the army of one of the Christian states.

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Encountering a Caravan in Legends of Al-Andalus

In Legends of Al-Andalus you might encounter the Caravan.

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Two Hour Wargames Range

The Two Hour Wargames range is growing all the time and they currently have games in these genres:

Why Two Hour Wargames Appeals

I was looking into options for Solo Wargaming and discovered references to Legends of Araby by Two Hour Wargames (THW). Their games are based on the mechanisms of Chain Reaction 3.0 (free) and are pitched as RPG-lite, i.e. role playing games without the book keeping. In fact they are fairly brutal skirmish level wargames with some flavour thrown in.

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Publication History for THW

The Two Hour Wargames range has been developing for over ten years. Chain Reaction 3.0 represents the most current thinking on the underlying rule mechanisms. When considering which of their commercial rules to buy I’m interested in how old they are; the older the rules the more out-of-date they will be. For example, Legends of Araby (2003) uses d10 whereas Chain Reaction 3.0 uses d6.

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Two Hour Wargames: PDF or Paper?

You can purchase Two Hour Wargames rules in PDF format or a paper copy. I recommend going for PDF and printing / binding them yourself as the binding quality offered by THW is very poor. I am forever having to fix the binding on my copy of NUTS. Cheap plastic binding. In contrast my local printing store does a great job with wire binding.

What wargaming rules to use for the Portuguese Colonial War

Of course I’m interested in wargaming the Portuguese Colonial War. The question is what rules?

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Ghosts as Blinds / Hidden Movement Markers for Wargaming

Some rule sets use a system of hidden movement markers to allow hidden movement without the aid of an umpire. These markers can represent both real and dummy troops – thus achieving some kind of fog of war. Different games have different names for these markers but examples are “Dummies”, “Blinds” and “PEF”.

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