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Timeline for Colonial Ceylon

Jeronimo de Azevado’s invaded Kandy (Jones, 2003).

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Sources for the Portuguese in Colonial Ceylon

Annotated bibliography for the Portuguese in Colonial Ceylon

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Order of Battle for Colonial Ceylon

Order of Battle for Colonial Ceylon. Portuguese, Dutch and Kandyan.

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Painting Guide for Colonial Ceylon

A few notes on painting a Portuguese colonial army in Ceylon.

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15mm Wargaming Figures for Colonial Ceylon

Designed to be used with DBM/DBR lists (DBM book 4, lists 37 and 40, DBR book 3) but could be used with any other lists. They can also be used as many other type of South East Asian types, including South Chinese tribal troops (DBM Books 2,3,4), Hindu Indians, Viet/ Khmer Warband or Auxiliaries, Tamils (DBR book 3, DBM book 2), Chinese pirates (DBR book 1).

MAL1 Warband with swords {v} [B] MAL2 Bowmen {v} [B] MAL3 Skirmishers with blowpipes [B] MAL4 Musketeers {v} [B] MAL5 Noble Cavalry {v} [B] MAL6 Mounted Generals and Nobles {v} [B] MAL8

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Portuguese in Colonial Ceylon

Another colourful colonial episode. Like Brazil, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) was a Portuguese playground. My interest was sparked by a couple of articles in Arquebusier, The Journal of the Pike and Shot Society.

Glossary for Colonial Brazil

Very short glossary for terms used in Portuguese Colonial Brazil.

Colonial Brazil: Portuguese, Tupi, etc

A Portuguese fleet of 13 ships commanded by Pero Alveres Cabral arrived on the coast of southern Brazil on 22 April 1500.

Brazilian Tribes in Colonial Times

The Tupi called all non-Tupi Tapuia, meaning “people of a strange tongue”, “enemies” or “westerners” (Heath, 2001). As a cultural differentiator it isn’t very useful as it includes at least 76 distinct tribes and six language groups.

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Timeline for Colonial Brazil

The Timeline has been divided into general periods:

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Sources for Colonial Brazil

An annotated bibliography for Colonial Brazil.

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