Order of Battle for Colonial Ceylon

Order of Battle for Colonial Ceylon. Portuguese, Dutch and Kandyan.

Details from Jones (2003).

On 12 April 1655 Gaspar Figueira de Serpe had

  • 8 companies of 30 Portuguese Soldados
  • 1 company of 37 topazes (mixed Portuguese-Sinhalese blood) and 20 reformados (Portuguese captains currently without a command)
  • At least 500 lascarins from the recently recovered Seven Korales
  • At least 150 lascarins from the Alukuru Korale near Dutch held Negombo.
  • The remainder of the 1,700 (or 4,000) lascarin were from the Four Korales.
  • A few Caffirs (Negros from Mozambique)

On 12 April 1655 Raja Sinha had 40,000 (or 19,000 or 20,000) men including:

  • 3,000 with gingal
  • 9,000 with muskets
  • 13,000 with bows
  • 15,000 with spears
  • 30 Elephants
  • 30-32 Dutchmen with Snaphaans

The Kandyan army was divided amongst the dissivas of Kandy, Uva, and Matale. The men of Uva were considered the best fighters.

Raja Sinha had two bodyguards. The Attapatuu was his Sinhalese guard, and another of 30-32 Dutchmen.


Jones, R. (2003). The Leopard’s Eating Place: The Battle of Kotikapola, 12 April 1655. Arquebusier: The Journal of the Pike and Shot Society, Vol. XXVI/III, 26-36.

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