Help wanted – Please play test my Crossfire Scenarios

Too many of my Crossfire Scenarios are draft and not play tested. This is because this website started as my wargaming notes and everything went on it, including unfinished work no matter how vague. With the move to WordPress I don’t do that any more; I now only post finished pieces. But I still have a lot of unfinished work on the site. Time to go back, tidy them up and most importantly play test them. And I could use some help.

Roll of Honour

I get the odd hint that people have played my games. I’d like to know about it. In fact, just by expressing an interest in one of my scenarios usually spurs me into action to tidy up, finish, and sometimes play it myself.

Your Crossfire Community Needs You
Your Crossfire Community Needs You

Dick Bryant corresponds often and lets me know which Crossfire Scenarios he has played and how it went. Sometimes he says “good game” but more often he is letting me know when things didn’t go so well. I appreciate Dick’s feedback even when it is criticism – I’m trying to make these scenarios better and all feedback is good. Most recently Dick and I have been discussing my SU-76i in 1902nd SAP scenario. Following Dick’s feedback I wrote up I’m working on some ideas for Breakthrough Objectives and then updated the scenario

Similarly Martin Groat has played a few of my scenarios, including at Salute and SELWG. Martin always has an interesting take on my games, particularly as the shapes them for a show format.

I’ve also got to say thanks to Vaggelis for prodding me into action about Crossfire at Position Four: The Village P Scenario. This has been sitting around neglected and now it is finished and play tested. I’m very pleased.

Please add yourself to my roll of honour, and help with play testing.

How it would work

The most important step is … get in touch. Put a comment on the page of the scenario you are interested in, or Contact me on my website, or post something on the Yahoo Forum. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just get in touch.

If your favoured scenario needs some work I’ll spring into action and fix it up.

Then comes the bit I don’t really have much time for at the moment = play testing. Play the game and let me know how it goes.

Simple really.

If I had time these are the scenarios I’d play test

There are lots of Crossfire Scenarios on my site but the ones I’d really help with are the unfinished/un-play-tested ones. If I had sufficient time I’d go through them all, finish them, and then play them. But I’d do it in a certain order (maybe, possibly, if I were so organised).

The top priority scenario to revisit is the sequel to Crossfire at Position Four: The Village P Scenario (thanks Vaggelis):

Next for me would come the scenarios related to the Blue Division:

Other scenarios to revisit when I get time are:

Lowest priority because I don’t have kit for North-West Europe or North Africa:

You can’t believe how depressing writing that list was.

6 thoughts on “Help wanted – Please play test my Crossfire Scenarios”

  1. Hey, Steven . . . thanks for sharing this. I have mainly been a lurker – but I am currently (very slowly) painting up the figures for 10mm Crossfire. I expect to be done with enough of the figs to start playing scenarios by the end of March. It would almost be worth it if you had a page with links to “completed” scenarios and below it “in playtesting” . . . . you could even have a link to a feedback form page.

    Anyhow, I would love to help you, and in a couple months, I should be able to!

    Cheers, and thanks for all your work in the hobby.

    • All help appreciated.

      As per your suggestion I’ve now created categories for completed and draft scenarios. The former are both ready to play and play tested. The latter need some work and/or play testing.

  2. Great Idea!
    One suggestion: In cases where it might apply, list alternate forces for those who want to play the scenario but do not have Russians or Italians or Forces for the SCW. I mean only to point out where force capability difference might impact the play of the scenario. I realize thast most, if not all, of our scenarios are based on historical battles (I do very little of this myself)But with different armies become the same as any “made-up” or “a-historical” situation. That makes it no less informative for perfecting the scenario.

    Dick Bryant
    “No scenario survives first contact with a wargamer”

    • I’m very happy for folk to use whatever forces they have to play test. As you and I have discovered we can really learn a lot about the scenarios regardless of the nationality of the troops.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to embellish with specific suggestions on alternative settings myself.

  3. Hiya Steven, yes cool, I’ll be happy to playtest them. Also I’m pretty sure Michael Stringer will be in as well as we play CF together every fortnight and are always looking for new scenarios :-)We use our NWA houserules but that should nto affect things too much.


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