45 Pesetas – A Crossfire Scenario in the Spanish Civil War

A scenario for Fuego Cruzado – my variant of Crossfire for the Spanish Civil War. 45 Pesetas was the bounty the Nationalists put on a Republican T-26 tank. The Moroccans were keen on this offer and through their endeavours the Nationalists built up their own T-26 units. Somehow this seems like a potential game.

Historical Situation

Setting: Casa de Campo Sector (Madrid); Nov 1936

It is 1936 in Madrid. The Nationalists are keen to acquire some of the new Republican T-26 Tanks. Their Moroccan troops are keen to get the bounty for each tank. All the Regulares have to do is sneak into the enemy lines, capture a tank then drive it back to the Nationalist lines.


Key features are:

  • 4’x4′ table.
  • Woods, Fields (out of season), Rough, Contours, Crests,
  • Buildings.
  • The Nationalists arrive on the western table edge A-A.
  • The Republicans deploy between lines B-B and eastern table edge D-D. The T-26 must be deployed between the lines B-B and C-C.

Pre-game preparation

  • Republicans deploy hidden.

Republican Player (Defending)


Deny the Nationalists information about Republican positions, minimise own losses, Inflict casualties on the Nationalists, and protect the T-26.

Forces Available

International Brigadistas in company strength:

International Brigade

  • 1 x Company
    • 1 x CC (+1/+2)
    • 1 x HMG
    • 1 x FO for off table 75 mm field gun (8 FM)
    • 1 x Rifle Platoon: PC (+1), 4 x Rifle
    • 2 x Rifle Platoon: PC (+1), 3 x Rifle
  • Support Elements
    • 1 x Unmanned T-26
  • Fortifications
    • 1 x Fortification package: 3 x wire, 1 x mine, 1 x bunker (1 SQ)
    • 3 x Entrenchments
  • The CC provides +1 close combat; +2 rallying
  • Morale: Regular
    Command & Control: Dependent (i.e. Russian)


Deploys first, hidden. between lines B-B and D-D. The following features must be occupied at the start of the game:

  • The bunker.
  • All entrenchments.
  • Two buildings.

All stands start pinned.

The T-26 must be deployed between the lines B-B and C-C and cannot deploy in the bunker, an
entrenchment or a building. The T-26 starts unmanned.



Nationalist Player (Attacking)

Begins scenario with initiative.


Locate Republican positions quickly, with as few casualties as possible, and capture the T-26.

Forces Available


  • 1 x Moroccan Regulares Company
    • 1 x CC (+2)
      3 x Rifle Platoon: PC (+1), 3 x Rifle
  • Support Elements
    • 1 x FO for off table 75 mm field gun (6 Smoke FM).
      1 x HMG
  • Morale: Veteran
    Command & Control: Independent (i.e. Commonwealth)


Deploys second, moving on to table edge A-A.



Victory Conditions

Recce and Casualty (AD) objectives.

The game starts at 000 hours and ends at 0530 hours.

The Nationalists get victory points (VP) as follows:

  • 2 VP for spotting the Republican bunker
  • 1 VP for spotting each Republican entrenchment, wire, and/or mine section.
  • 1/2 VP for spotting each Republican stand of any type.
  • +1/2 VP for killing each Republican stand. (i.e. 1 VP in total with spotting and killing)
  • 1 VP for each PC or Rifle squad that exits the Republican base edge D-D – up to 4 VP.
  • 8 VP for capturing the T-26 and driving it off table edge A-A.

And just so it isn’t all one sided:

  • -3 VP for each Nationalist squad, CC, or HMG killed.
  • -1 VP for each Nationalist PC, mortar or FO killed.
VPs Result
-6.0 or less Decisive Republican Victory
-5.5 to +2.0 Minor Republican Victory
+2.5 to +10.0 Minor Nationalist Victory
+10.5 or more Decisive Nationalist Victory

Scenario Special Rules

  • See Crossfire House Rules and Fuego Cruzado (Crossfire House Rules for Spain’s Wars).
  • Special Rule 4, the Moving Clock is in use. The Scenario begins at 0000 hours and ends 0530 hours. The clock advances 30 minutes on 4+ at the end of each Republican initiative.
  • For simplicity “spotted” for victory conditions means on table. Republican stands become visible in the normal ways, i.e. revealed by player, enemy moves into the same terrain feature, and RBF.
  • Nationalist squads RBF on 5+.
  • Fields are out of season (do not block LOS).
  • The T-26 is initially unmanned so cannot take any action (can’t move; can’t fire). Either side can man the T-26 by moving a rifle squad adjacent to the vehicle. It is assumed that a small portion of the squad man the vehicle, but the squad remains a viable combat unit. Once manned the T-26 is considered pinned, so must rally before it can move.


  • You could try the night special rule. This would make the Nationalist’s job harder as they would only get one move action per stand per initiative.
  • You could also try the Revealing hidden squads on a One [Optional Rule]. This would make the Nationalist’s job much harder.


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