Battalion Codes – Distinguishing Battalions on Crossfire Stands

For Crossfire, I’ve got several battalions spread across several periods, so I needed a way to distinguish the battalions on my Stand Labels as part of Unit Identification in Crossfire. Every battalion has a code.

In general I’ve given units that I use a lot codes that are unique across nations within a period (e.g. G = WW2 German Grenadier; R = WW2 Russian Rifle).

Specialist troops have a code that is common across nations and/or periods (e.g. A = Army level Artillery; X = Reconnaissance). The reason for this is so that opponents are unlikely to have troops on table with the same battalion code.

I gave army level artillery for all nations and periods the code A so that the FO stand out and to distinguish them from FO embedded in battalions.

Here are the battalion codes:

Code WW2 Spanish Civil War Rif Wars Arab Israeli Portuguese Colonial War Vietnam War
A Artillery Artillery Artillery Artillery Artillery
B British in 14th Army Berber Tribes, i.e. Riffi, Djebalan, Gomaran Bedouin, Arab Irregulars (use Rif Wars) Commandos with Brown berets
C Carlist Requetes and Navarese Brigades Cazadores with Camo cap
D Deutsche (i.e. German) in Italy
E Engineer Engineer Engineers, signallers, and supply Engineer Engineer Engineer
F Fallschirmjaeger Falange French
G German Grenadier and Spanish “Guripas” Paramilitary, i.e. Civil Guard and Assault Guards
H Horse, Cavalry Horse, Cavalry Horse, Cavalry Horse, Cavalry
I Italian Italian Infantry Battalion or Cohort Israeli Insurgents
J Gerbirgsjaeger Jordanian Arab Legion Insurgents
K Kiwi Abd-el-Krim’s Beni Urriaguel Regulars British or Egyptian (use WW2 Kiwi) Insurgents Anzacs (Kiwi & Digger)
L Late War German Grenadier 4th Bandera of the Legion 4th Bandera of the Legion (use SCW) Lebanese
M Russian Motorised Rifle (i.e. SMG) Militia Militia
N Russian Naval Infantry Portuguese Marines (Fuzileiros) US Marines
P Soviet Partisans Republican Popular Army; 56th/2nd/42nd (Commune de Paris) Portuguese Paratroops (Pára-quedistas) PAVN/NVA
Q Gurkha in 14th Army
R Russian Rifle Regular Army Later Conscripts (use SCW) ARVN
S Waffen SS Panzer Grenadier Early Conscripts in Solar Helmet Syrian PAVN/NVA Sappers
T Tabor of Goumier in French Expeditionary Corps in Italy 2nd Tabor of Regulares of Tetuán 2nd Tabor of Regulares of Tetuán (use SCW)
U Unarmed men, women and children Unarmed men, women and children Unarmed men, women and children Unarmed men, women and children Unarmed men, women and children Unarmed men, women and children
V VDV for Vozdushno-desantnye voyska SSSR (Soviet Airborne Forces) Viet Cong
Y Yanks = US Army GE and GEP with yellow berets Yanks = US Army

I was using “X” for all recon / scout troops. Because there are never a lot of them, I have since changed that. I now include recon troops as a platoon or company with an “R” code. For example, “R-R-1” is the 1st Platoon of the Recon Company (middle R) of my Russian Rifle Battalion (left hand R).

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