Battle of Araure at Salute 2015

Araure at Salute 5413 Royalists skirt the end of the lake - Banner

Ian Spence, Des Darkin and Martin Gane of the South London Warlords put on a demonstration of the Battle of Araure at Salute 2015. It was great to see Liberators featured at the premier show in the UK. However, the stand out feature was the table itself. Very effective and terribly simple. And as a bonus we had a mystery guest from the USA.

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Alternative Tucuman – A Liberators HOTT Scenario

Liberators HoTT - Alternative Tucuman Scenario - Banner

This is a “What-if” Liberators HOTT scenario related to the Battle of Tucuman 24-25 September 1812; the deciding battle in the War of Argentine Independence.

Belgrano was expecting the Royalists to march directly on Tucuman so initially deployed where the road from the north entered the plain. As it happens Tristan chose to outflank Tucuman and approach from the south-west. What if Tristan had marched south down the direct road to Tucuman and straight into the Patriots waiting for him.

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Battle of Tucuman 24 – 25 September 1812

Liberators - Tucuman - Banner

The Battle of Tucumán was fought on 24 – 25 September 1812 near of the Argentina city of San Miguel de Tucumán, in the War of Argentine Independence. The Northern Army, commanded by General Manuel Belgrano, defeated a Royalist army under Brigadier Juan Pío Tristán. As a result the outnumbered Patriots halted the Royalist advance into northwest Argentina. Along with the Battle of Salta (20 February 1813), the Battle of Tucumán confirmed the area that would remain under Argentine control at the end of the war.

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Cavalry in Rough Terrain – Musing on a Lasalle House Rule

Lassale - Musing - Cavalry in Rough - Banner

I’m interested in using Lasalle for the South American Wars of Liberation. In that theatre infantry, when faced by superior cavalry, would often head for rough terrain. But the standard Lasalle rules don’t encourage this – the cavalry will just charge into the rough after the infantry. So I’m exploring a house rule to rectify the problem.

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