Crossfire Inside a Giant Stalingrad Factory

Some musing on playing Crossfire entirely inside a giant Stalingrad factory.

I had assumed, when I finally got around to building a model of a Stalingrad style factory, that it would be a “Building Complex” containing a grid of building sector. But a couple of people – Steve Phenow and Mike O’Brien – on the Yahoo Group: Crossfire WW2 Discussion Forum mentioned putting terrain inside a large factory, in other words fighting the entire Crossfire game inside the factory using, more or less, normally terrain. Of course the “terrain” has an industrial look with “woods” being a section of industrial plant, etc.

Germans at Stalingrad tractor plant
Germans at Stalingrad tractor plant

The following table shows my current thinking on factory terrain.

Standard Terrain Feature Factory Terrain Feature Shape Indirect Cover Direct Cover Block LOS
Hill   Area No Yes Yes
Contour Lines   Area No No Yes/No
Crest Crest in rubble or
collapsed girder
Linear No Yes Yes
Cliff   Linear No No Yes
Depression Collapsed floor or
Area No No Yes/No
Bridge   Linear No Yes Yes
Stream, Ditch, Sunken Road Sunken access way Linear Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No
Woods, Orchard (in season), Boulder Fields Industrial plant, i.e. machines, engines, etc Area Yes Yes Yes
Rough Ground, Orchard (out of season), Rock Fields Rubble or
scrap bales
Area Yes Yes No
Fields (in season)   Area No Yes Yes
Fields (out of season)   Area No Yes No
Wall Low Wall Linear Yes Yes No
Hedge / Bocage Wall with significant damage Linear Yes Yes Yes
Building, Building Complex Room Area Yes Yes Yes
 Hard Point, Bunker Steel ‘industrial’ tank or partially complete armoured vehicle Area Yes Yes Yes
Entrenchments Entrenchments Area Yes Yes No
Road   Linear No No No

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