Flora and Fauna of the Place of Reeds

The Place of Reeds, being based on this historical city of Teotihuacan, has typical flora and fauna for central Mexico.


Mesoamericans associated bats with death, darkness and sacrifice (decapitation in particular) (Miller & Taube, 1993).


The beans were exchanged as money, but when ground, mixed with water and some flavours (e.g. chilli) cacao was a esteemed drink of the nobility (Miller & Taube, 1993).

Crocodile (Spiny One)

The caiman crocodile was the most venerated carnivores in Mesoamerica (Miller & Taube, 1993). The Nahuatl term for the caiman meant “Spiny One”.


Miller, M., & Taube, K. (1993). An Illustrated Dictionary of the Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya. London: Thames & Hudson.

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