How to Make Your Own Rubble Material for Stalingrad

My big Crossfire game set in Stalingrad is going to require a lot of rubble. Although I’m happy with the sand I use for flocking, it isn’t chunky enough to be rubble. I needed something grittier. So I made my own. It is pretty simple. Brute force simple.

The process was pretty straight forward. (1) I went to the garage. (2) I got a hammer, a plastic sheet from when my daughters were younger and a spare plastic tub. (3) I found half a brick in the yard.

Making rubble - tools
Making rubble – tools

(4) I used the hammer to smash a bit of brick on top of the plastic sheet. (5) I kept smashing until satisfied with the texture.

Making rubble - result
Making rubble – result

(6) I poured the result into a plastic tub.

Making rubble - I could sell this stuff
Making rubble – I could sell this stuff

(7) I glued onto the base just before I applied my sand. Then poured back the left overs, rubble and sand, into the plastic tub to be reused.

Rubble piles - rubble and sand
Rubble piles – rubble and sand

7 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Rubble Material for Stalingrad”

  1. Another way to make cheap and easy rubble that I’ve used is to make a shallow pan of tin foil and pour some plaster to the desired thickness. Once its set it breaks apart easily into any desired size needed. I always end up mixing more plaster than i need for casting and hate to waste the leftover so I use up the leftover mix to keep my rubble supply full.

    • Nice idea.

      I don’t know why but I’m terrified of plaster. Sticky stuff that can (for me) go wrong.

  2. The bad thing about plaster is that it shows white when it chips, and even the good plasters like Herculite are vulnerable to an extent. Brick dust won’t do that. When I’m using plaster I try to design so that there is some kind of edging from mounting board or hardboard that will take most of the knocks.

  3. Put some brick red water based paint into the plaster mix before pouring. Works for me and when chipped remains brick red

  4. Scammed Warfactory…..if the water you use for the plaster is mixed with a suitable coloured paint you can avoid the white plaster problem.

  5. I tried out your smashed brick idea for rubble. Great idea. I used it in my ruined buildings.

    • Cool. I think, due to pressure at work/home, I’d find some rubble creation quite therapeutic right now.


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