Introduction to the Hispania Board Game

Hispania is a board game of the history of the Iberian peninsular (Spain and Portugal). It is uses the mechanisms from Britannia. I love Britannia so picked up a copy of Hispania.

Box Cover

Author Andreas Steding
Publisher Azure Wish Enterprise (AWE)
Publication Date Self-published in 1994; released by AWE in 1996
Duration 4+ hours but expect 5 hours
Number of Players 4 to 5; best with 4

English Language version

Unfortunately Hispania is only available in French. Luckily some people have done translations of elements of the game, if not the whole rules. These are all from Board Game Geek: Hispania.

Download Description
Rules summary for Hispania All rules condensed to 2 pages. As a bonus: 1 page of optional/advanced rules and… Reformatted combat-tables with all modifiers listed below.
Event Cards for Hispania (replacing the chits) Event Cards for Hispania – to replace the optional chits. See rules-summary for how to use. May be used in other Britannia style games – at own risk!
Hispania – Turn record Chart Updated Turn record – errata are taken into account.
Nation Cards (A5) Reformatted Nation Cards to include almost all info (and errata) of a nation on 1 A5-sized card.
Condensed Combat Tables Condensed Combat Table v.4. This version standardizes the modifiers on both charts. Prints 2 copies to a page.
playeraids.pdf Play aid cards for each group. formatted for 1/2 page
Errata Errata posted by the author.


Board Game Geek: Hispania

Shows where to get the game but also has English language downloads for the game.

Spotlight on: Hispania: Main Differences from Britannia

What it says on the box … a description of the differences between Hispania and Britannia.

Andreas Steding: Hispania Errata

Andreas is the author of the rules. He has posted some errata for the game, although they are largely from Rick Heli.

Game Cabinet: Hispania Review

They like the game, seeing it as a worthy successor to Britannia.

Societe de Jeux: Hispania Review (French)

Another review, this time in French.

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