Israeli / Hebrew Terms for Military Formations

The IDF uses platoons, companies, battalion, etc just like the rest of the world. But I thought it would be handy to have a table of showing the Hebrew and English equivalents.


Thanks to Laurence Newman for his advice on IDF terminology.

Pluga (company) and Machlaka (platoon) are used for both armour and for infantry.

Ugda is actually more akin to a Divisional Combat Team as its size may be smaller than, the same as or larger than a Division depending upon the mission being undertaken.

Finally, the IDF Artillery units are the only IDF units to have and use a Regimental Structure.

Hebrew English Commander
Chulia Fire Team
Kita Squad / Section Corporal or Sergeant
Machlaka Platoon Lieutenant
Pluga Company Captain or Lieutenant
Gdud Battalion Lieutenant-Colonel
Chativa Brigade Up to 1967: Colonel
From 1968: Brigadier-General
Ugda Division* Major-General
Solil-l’ah Artillery Battery
Tayeset Air force Squadron

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