Platoon Commanders (PC) for Machine guns in Crossfire

Some musing on Platoon Commanders (PC) for Machine guns in Crossfire. Standard Crossfire doesn’t cover this.

I’m puzzled by the machinegun companies and platoons at Battalion level in standard Crossfire. According to the rules these HMG stands must be attached to other companies or platoons. After that the normal crossfire/firegroups rule apply. But I was wondering if they should actually get a PC of their like some of the the Anti-tank gun units get in Hit The Dirt. Typically in Hit the Dirt if a side has 3 ATG they get a PC for them. It makes sense to me that the same apply to machine gun companies and platoons. This would allow massed HMG crossfires, but in some situations I think that is actually what happened. It seems to fit the descriptions of the Cassino battles, and it certainly fits machine gun practice in the Spanish Civil War.

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