References for Spanish Involvement in WW2

An annotated bibliography for Spanish Involvement in WW2.

Web Sites

Escudo Division Azul

Blue Division
Shoulder patch

Blue Division Web Sites most with great photos: [Spanish] [Spanish]

The Ghost Battalion: Spaniards in the Waffen-SS, 1944-1945. (broken link)


Glantz, David M. (2002). The Battle for Leningrad, 1941-1944. University Press of Kansas.

Glantz, David M. (2001). The Siege of Leningrad 1941-44: 900 Days of Terror. Cassell.

Kleinfeld, Gerald, R. and Lewis, A. Tambs. (1979). Hitler’s Spanish Legion : The Blue Division In Russia. Southern Illinois University Press.

Kurlansky, M. (1999). The Basque History of the World. Canada: Alfred A. Knopf.

Not a military history book, but interesting none the less. It does mention Basque involvement in WWII.

Raymond L. Proctor. (1974). Agony of a Neutral: Spanish-German wartime relations and “The blue Division”. Idaho research foundation inc.

Richard Baber, who originally mentioned this reference to me, describes it
as “An excellent book giving very good background to Franco’s sending volunteers to Russia. to be
honest the combat history is sparse, although more interesting to read than the “Men-at-Arms”

There are some extracts from unit diaries and comments from veterans.

But the maps at the back are very good: the area around Novogorod, both tactical and strategic are
probably worth it in themselves to us wargamers also tactical maps for the battles for Garodok
railyards and Krasnibor both show directional attack arrows and unit positions.

In my limited opinion a very useful and good read.”

Scurr, J. (1980). Germany’s Spanish Volunteers 1941-45. Osprey.

My main source on the Blue Division. Very good.

Books I’ve heard about but haven’t seen

Bueno Carrera, Jose Maria (1991). The Blue Division and Squadron: Its Organization and Uniforms. Madrid: Aldaba.

Ezquerra, Miguel (2004). Berlín a vida o muerte. Ritter.

Roig, Pedro. (1976). Spanish Soldiers in Russia. Miami: Universal.

Vadillo, Fernando (1991). Orillas del Voljov (I).

Volume one of two volumes on the battle of Volkhov. I think this may be a historical novel.

Vadillo, Fernando (1992). Orillas del Voljov ( II).

Vadillo, Fernando. (1992). Arrabales de Leningrado (I).

Vadillo, Fernando. (1993). Arrabales de Leningrado (II).

Vadillo, Fernando. (1994). Lucharon en Krasny Bor (I).

Vadillo, Fernando. (1994). Lucharon en Krasny Bor (II).

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